Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day Camp and FO

Hey everybody! Wow, it's sure nice getting comments on the blog. I love when people stop in and say hey! Makes me think I'm not just talking to myself (like I do around home since The Saint claims he has difficulty hearing my voice sometimes, (insert uproarious laughter) *sigh*

So, I was lurking around Vicki's blog, Knitorious (love your Fixies, Vicki!) and she was talking about her experience at camp when she was younger. I haven't thought about camp in, oh, about 40 years. I only went 1 summer and it was only for 1 week but I will never forget some aspects of that week. We were living in Sturgis, MI and I had just finished the 3rd grade. We would take a yellow school bus what seemed like a thousand miles out to the camp. On the last leg of the journey there was "Dead Man's Curve"...a corner where the bus had to turn right going in and left coming out...there was a ditch on the inside of the turn that seemed like 100 feet deep...I'm sure now looking back on it that the driver must have gotten just as close to the edge of that ditch as he could for the scare factor. LOL And we were definitely was a really big production every day having to go around that, the things you believe when you're little. I can also remember the docks where we learned to swim. I should do some research and find out where that camp was...I wonder if the drivers are still scaring the kids on the way to camp...snicker...thanks, Vicki, for the memory jog.

She also reminded me how much I used to live for the next issue of 16 Magazine. Mark Lindsey was so dreamy!, yeah, when I was 12! I guess I have always been attracted to the tall, dark and handsome type man...hmmm. And then there were the bell bottom pants and tie-dye shirts and perfectly groomed Afros, oh, wait, didn't I just see that the other day?! lol Isn't it amazing how things just keep coming back? the brown/turquoise combo or the granny square bags, see the Larger Than Life Bag, which I love!

And on the knitting front...we have a pair of Fast Florida Footies...see...

I finished them last night after The Saint went to bed - at 9pm - while it was still daylight, jeez, so-what if he has to get up at 3:15am? - anyway, I'll just mention here that I hate that he has to be at work at 5am but it is his choice and it beats having him get home at 8pm like he used to. So, I'm not bitter about my lack of 6 or 7 hours of continuous sleep...much.

I'm pretty excited about getting into the Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Exchange...hope Rena gets in too. I know she'll be envious if I get to do it and she doesn't, hee! Hey, Rena! Love you!

A big howdy to Nichole! The wine for the evening was New Age White, it was great with hummus and tabouli...My usual fare when dining alone and I don't feel like cooking. The Saint is gone to help with our AllenIversonWannabe grandson's basketball practice. "Stinky" is destined to be a star some day, I'm sure! He's the smallest and the fastest on the team. He's 11 so he'll be in middle school next year, 6th grade, man, I can't believe it! I've searched high and low in my computer files for a picture of him in his uniform with no luck...maybe I'll be able to find one I can scan...

Well, better go do some knitting. Think I'll work on the crochet this evening, or maybe, I'll cast on for the Monkey Sock. I picked up this great Opal sock yarn called Raupe at City Knitting. I can't wait to see how it looks. Wish me first attempt at something this complicated.

The Saint just walked in so, gotta go! Time to watch the NBA Draft! Yippee!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Swap

Do you knit, or crochet, or do both? Both.

How long have you been knitting\crocheting? My Grama taught me both at 8 and I have crocheted all this time, I revisited knitting last September with Rena and got helplessly hooked! So the crochet has been happening 42 years, the knitting - not so many!

Have you knit dishcloths or dishtowels before? Yes, I always have a dishcloth to work on during mindless times of my day. I never leave home without some kind of knitting/reading in case I get stuck somewhere unexpectedly. I really dislike non-productive time - unless it's planned and includes wine.

What are your favorite cotton yarns? Sugar and Cream, varigated, clean (as opposed to muted), fun colors

Is there a cotton or linen you’ve been dying to try but have not? I've been looking more at alternative fibers these days - banana fiber, hemp, bamboo, especially bamboo

Are there any cotton yarns you don’t enjoy knitting with? No

What type of needle do you prefer using? (Metal/Wood/Plastic) I use all types depending what project I'm working on. Generally KnitPicks are my fav. My dishcloth needles are bamboo- Crystal Palace #7 and I collect vintage needles that I display in vases in the living room.

What other projects do you enjoy knitting or crocheting? Anything! lol, no, seriously...socks are my favorite, so many different things you can do with them in a relatively short amount of time and their portable.

Do you have other hobbies or enjoy other kinds of crafting? Reading, Quilting, Gardening, Cooking and Wine Tasting - guess I should say Wine drinking

What kind of treats do you like? Chocolate? Candies? Nuts? Who doesn't like good quality chocolate? Add nuts and you have the perfect treat! I'm also a sucker for those coconut neopolitan candies. My favorite, by my own hand would be scones...I love me some maple/fig scones...

What colors are your kitchen and bath decorated in, if any? Bathroom is maize/black and the kitchen is celery, black, red w/stainless.

What are your favorite colors and what colors do you dislike? Favorite color this year is any shade of green, it's the new black, you know...and pink...don't care for neon colors but outside of that anything goes. I'm at the saturation point for orange/yellow/brown right now.

Do you drink coffee? Tea? Other beverages? Yes, strong, dark roast coffee and sweet spicy tea and did I mention - wine?

Do you have any kids (human or pet variety!)? Son, Daughter, 2 step-daughters, 2 grand-children, 2 dogs, 5 grand-dogs...only the 2 dogs live at my house though. We're blissfully happy empty-nesters!

Do you have any allergies? No

Please share 3 tidbits about yourself that you think your pal and other swappers might find odd or interesting.
1) My name, Aleta, came from Prince Valiant comic strip in the newspaper. It was my grandfather's favorite. When I was born in '56 Aleta was a Princess but now she is the Queen!
2) I am thankful every day for an opportunity to accomplish something productive
3) All the cans in my cupboard have the labels facing out, my towels have to be folded exactly the right way and I always arrange the groceries as I put them in my cart at the supermarket!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Dog Sam

Have I ever mentioned how much I like It's a big time saver for me since I've become addicted to reading about everybody else's life every morning. lol

How many dogs do you suppose there are in the world that look alike? What are the chances that in one day I would run across 2 other dogs out there that look amazingly like my Sam? Well, I did. Lola lives with my new friend from Dish Rag Tag, Nicole, and the other is this lovely pup named Eli. It's a small world, even for animals! Give them some pets for me please.

Sam is my special needs dog. He has to eat prescription dog food of the fish and potato variety since he has allergies. He doesn't really have a lot going for him in the bravery, or intelligence depts but he looks good and is a great watch dog - if you're outside and he's inside. He loves me and he's a great fly catcher. After 6 years he almost has fetch mastered...sometimes. And how can you resist this face?
And doesn't he sit pretty? I never have figured out why he does this but it seems to be comfortable to him. He's not allowed on the couch so he just leans against it instead.
Hard to believe he only weighed 4 lbs when he came to live with us..

Awww, ain't he cute? Anyway, that's the scoop on Sam.

One of these days I'll tell you all about Max. She's the queen of this house.

And on the knitting front...I have yet another dish rag finished. Key Lime Pie is the it! Wanna see?

Not such a good picture, let's try again...

At least in the second one you can see the color. Hey to the Lucky 13 Dish Rag Team!! I'm really excited to get started...


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dish Rag Tag

Hey everybody on Dish Rag Tag Team #13! This is gonna be loads of fun!

Last night Rena and I went to the Late Nite Yarnie Party at City Knitting and had a very nice time. It was a nice size group and there was lots of interesting conversation - and snacks...mmmm. We're looking forward to the next one.

Wednesday was StepDaughter#2's birthday...haaaaayyyyy! Happy Birthday to you! We'll be stopping by there this evening to "monitor" all those young folks while they party. lol

I'll be Bashin' tomorrow in Ionia. See you all there! hee:)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Scarf, dishcloth, sweater, whatever!

So Lotus Knits! is having a contest. Here's my entry...technically my second item knitted, the first, a dishrag, is in the laundry bin and not fit to photograph! This simple little felted purse in Cascade wool was Rena's idea. After the beginners class we took together she wanted to do a felted purse and this is mine.

Cass, over at Shut Up I'm Counting clued me in to this contest, I've helped her get another entry in the contest and if you go check it out and enter the contest, mention you read about it on my blog. You'll be entered and I'll get another chance. Tell all your friends! I-covet-Amber!!!

It's been another beautiful day here in West Michigan. The first day of Summer, yay! The roses are beautiful, see...If you click on the photos they'll enlarge...I think:)

But the pictures never look as good as the flowers. They change so much every day. The little bit of rain we got the past couple days really made them pop out.

And, Laurie, I did some work on my irises this week and it looks like I'll be able to salvage enough to start over in the Fall. Phew! I won't plant them alone this time though and only a few. That way I can keep better track of them. Thanks for caring.

Tomorrow night Rena and I will be off to the Late Night Yarnie Party at City Knitting. Should be lots of fun! I'll be chaining this evening for the Chanson En Crochet by Mari Lynn Patrick that was in Knitting Daily this week. I've been looking for a little something I could hook-up with a few skeins of Berroco Soft Twist I picked up in Med Pink. I'll post some pics when I accomplish something on it.

It was good to see that Amy is still kickin over there in MN. Glad to hear from you again. I'm still mourning the demise of my coffee, sniff...hee.

Better get going before The Saint notices I'm holed up in her with the computer


Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day follow-up

What a great day! The Saint spent the day smoking ribs and chicken quarters, Rena brought over his favorite Asian chicken/noodle salad and we relaxed!

Too bad you missed it...nothin but corn cobs and bones was fabulous!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

$497.33 + tax!

Wow, that's what I would have spent if it weren't for the sale...phew! Just for grins I added up all that yarn I was able to fit in that tall kitchen can bag and that's what it came to. Now I don't feel so bad about the $73. I spent some time yesterday filing receipts and re-organizing my yarn stash. Ahhh, I love to be still looks like a lot of orange though doesn't it?

Also did some clean up around the yard. Even though it was blazing hot it was nice to get out and be in the sun for a bit. Sadly I found that the irises (all 50 feet of them) have been infested with iris borers. Have to cut them down and dig them up, do an inspection to see if there are any that I can save and start all over. Drat! I'm thinking some weed barrier and some river rocks would look nice and clean and be way less work than all those irises anyway. This is what they looked like last spring... *sigh*, sniffle...

Good news: 1 Fast Florida Footie is done! See...

Isn't it cute? Fits the second one cast on last night so I'm on my way to a pair! That stretchy Cascade Fixation is amazing and I'm working them on 2 Knit Picks circs so it's super fast.

Happy Father's Day to The Saint and all you other Fathers out there! We'll be burning some meat on the grill today along with corn-on-the-cob and Martha Stewart's strawberry shortcake.

Maybe an assortment of children will show up at some point. And a fun time will be had by all...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Frogged Pants and A Big Sale!

Happy Thursday everybody!

Here's the pants I had to frog...

once again in individual pieces, it's back to the cutting table with them! Somehow, when I got them all done they were about 2 sizes too big! So much for measuring.

It was both a happy and sad day yesterday as one of our LYS closed it's doors. But - their was a SALE - yep, and I was there, with my tall kitchen can bag, picking up a few last minute essentials. (After Rena and I had already made 2 trips in there the past couple weeks to get everything we could possibly need) But, when you get an email that says these magic words...everything's a dollar, how can you not leave work in the middle of the afternoon to partake?!

Now back when I was younger and had different priorities I would never have thought about leaving work for a yarn sale. But now, with my priorities straight, I was bustin out the office and speedin up Plainfield to get in on the action! And there was plenty of it too. The place was packed when I got there 10 minutes after they opened and after spending 5 minutes getting what I went after, and about another 20 minutes picking out what I couldn't live the next 20 years without, I got in line to check out, rrrright! So much for a late lunch HOUR. I was in that line for 45 minutes. All the while gazing around the shop checking to be sure there wasn't anything I was leaving behind senselessly.

Now, you'd be amazed at what people can wedge into a trash bag. It was like clowns in a VW, some of those bags. I just kept nudging my bag a few inches at a time til I finally made it to the check out stand. I actually made it out of the store with all that yarn and 2 hanging baskets to put it in for, drum roll please......$97!!!!

I seem to have been in an autumnal mood. When I got home with my newly acquired stash-for-a-lifetime, it was mostly shades of orange with a bit of green thrown in, except for the fabo 10-pak of purple Berroco ribbon yarn and 6 balls of Berroco Idol in a pink/gold/purple/red kind of color combo. I believe The Saint would look pretty cute in a pair of size 13 orange clogs. I got lots of Plymouth Yukon in a nice shade just short of pumpkin. hee, hee

Ahhh, it was a fun trip but it was also sad to think the shop won't be there anymore. I know it was Rena's favorite since she learned how to knit there. Sorry, Rena! She did ask if she could come shop the "dollar shelves" when she gets ready to start her next know you can!

Hi Amy! Notice my little Coffee Knitter's stash there on the second shelf? Hope you're enjoying the start of your summer. I totally enjoyed the coffee!

Did anyone see Knitty Gritty this week? Amy Finlay from was on. Hey, Amy! Loved your tips for using that Fixation yarn.

The Saint just got home with his cooler-o-crabs (soft-shells for catfish bait) so, gotta go!

Everybody have a great weekend! Thanks for stoppin in, be sure to say hey while you're here!

You know I love the company.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Footies and Fido

Well, I forgot to put the pic of the footie in my last post, so, ta da!

Here we have the cuff and the heel flap...

And over there we have a bit more...

Maybe tomorrow it will be done? Or maybe not! I'm also frogging a pair of slacks I made a couple of weeks ago. [See yellow pants under the shell I posted last week] It sure is easier to sew all that fabric together than it is to take it apart. Even though I measured myself 65 times they were still too big when I got them finished and did I try them on before I put the yoke facing and the zipper in? hmmm?? Of course not...that would have made some sense and could have saved me hours of picking tiny little stitches out of delicate fabric that I can't get any more of. (taking a deep breath) Do you feel me? Aarrrgghhh!!! Lesson learned.

So I'll leave you with this adorable picture of my grand-dog, Buca (boo-ka). Isn't he a pretty boy? He's a Visla, the youngest in the household and is a trained therapy dog. This picture was taken at the local pet expo last year while he was acting as the spokes-dog for Shaggy Pines Dog Park. He lives with my son and DIL and two other dogs, Mina and Sol...I'll dig up some shots of them and get them posted soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Stop and say Hey if you have a can never have too much company.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Let's Go Fishing!

It was a beautiful sunny morning heading out of Muskegon...

The Saint got the gear all rigged up...

We almost got run over by the Lake Express...twice!!

Guess who was driving...

There's just nothing better than a day on the water, even if it is 48 degrees when we cast off! By the time we headed back home it was a blazing 70! I actually got to take my jacket off while we put the boat back on the trailer to head home.

# of fish caught - 0, Sunburned noses - 1 , Hours of fun - 8, = A successful trip!

I did some knitting on the way out to Muskegon which is about an hour's ride from home. I have the heel flap done for my first Fast Florida Footie designed by LynnH
I'm working it in Cascade Fixation. The colors are lime and peach variations. It is going pretty quickly. You know I'll post a pic when they're done.

And yesterday we got this in the mail...

Thanks to Stan in Paris, Tx. This is sweet! Yep, we're gonna be winding yarn this week. After that big haul from the LYS that was closing we have to get busy. Then we'll have to find a place to hide, er, store, ya, store all that stuff. I told Rena she could stash some of hers here so she wouldn't get in trouble with Chef but I think she has it handled ok over there. LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks for checkin in. Toodles!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Rena!

Can you believe this little cherub is 27 today?! Yep, Baby Girl is all grown up...

Isn't she beautiful? This picture was taken on her wedding day in September. She is my knitting pal and yarn-buying-enabler-extraordinaire! She invited me to go to the beginning knitting class with her and I'm so glad she did. Thank you, Rena. After the beginners class we did a felted purse class and were off and running. It's a great activity to share and yet another reason to spend time together (not that we needed any reasons).

An now for the knitting stuff...TA DA! Here's my tiny sock, finished. I'm seeing piles of tiny socks laying around the house soon...this was unbelievably fun...

Greetings to the crowd, LOL, that's lurking around my know who you are but I have to recognize a few.

For Laurie, I'll pass along that the All Season Shell can be found here. You may have to register to get the free pattern but there are a zillion great patterns to be had there so it's worth signing up. They'll even send you a newsletter every couple weeks. And the front-facing labels...that's only the your blog btw.

Amy, the Buffy Sing Along looked like great fun! I love the picture of your teenager trying to avoid the camera. Won't it be amazing when he gets over that? It will happen, it just seems like it takes forever. And how's the Beetle these days?

Hey, KnittyMama! I love that market bag, that was super thoughtful of your SP10. Reminds me I have some Lion Cotton for a market bag I should get started on...white cotton...Rena thinks the white may have been a mistake...I told her it was going to be washable and no worries!

For all the rest of you...stop in and say hey! I love company...


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Liquid sunshine!

Sometimes you just need some rain! Makes the grass green and reminds you how beautiful a sunny day is. Rain gives you a chance to lounge in the bed knowing you can't get outside to do any of that yard work anyway. And it gives you this...

The Peonies are finally blooming.

The Fiesta Tote is 90% finished. If you go to the link you'll see their version in the lower right hand corner...

Here's the All-Season Shell finished. I added a few rows of crochet to the bottom to make it a bit longer and liked it better this way. I'm waay beyond the exposed-midriff look, I leave that to those who are younger and firmer. hee

I got my Knit Picks organized into their new binder, ahhhhh. I love some organization! (A co-worker thinks I'm crazy because all my can lables have to be facing out) So it's time to clean up the office/sewing/knitting/quilting/ blogging room. I can't find things I need and there is not one inch of space to set anything down on the desk. I'll be spending the remainder of this day getting a little organization back in here. I find that I'm avoiding this area of the house because it makes me think crazy thoughts! Like I want to run away and avoid it all together. Maybe if I just pick up one piece of paper at a time and take it slowly it won't seem so overwhelming...nah! I better pick up more than one piece at a time or I'll never get done today.

Hope all of you have a great week, give yourselves some knitting time and hug your families. Summer is such a busy time, be sure to take a few minutes each day to enjoy it.

Hey! to Amy, Ava, Rena and Ruth and thanks for stopping's always good to know someone is out there.

Oops, the dryer just "buzzed" gotta go more way to avoid this desk clean up thing...toodles!