Saturday, August 11, 2007

Finished Peach Freeze

I finally got around to photographing my finished Peach Freeze...I believe it turned out pretty well. A co-worker offered to purchase it from me...hmmm...the offer is very tempting since I'm tired of looking at the color after spending so much time making it. I'm thinking it would look pretty good in a shiny navy yarn, ah, it's a dilemma! Think I'll wear it once and see what comments it gets and then decide. It looked great on Susie though.

Here's a closer pic of the fan stitch that doesn't represent the color as well.

When Rena gets here today I'll try it on and have her photograph it and we'll see what we think of it actually on me.

James and I went to the wedding of a friend's nephew's about 90 degrees and there was no a/c...they did pass out some of these though...

thank you very much! It was a lovely wedding. Celery green dresses and white tuxedos...

Tonight I'll be working on my Monkey sock for the Let's Learn Socks KAL. You should join me! I'll be sitting in my new favorite chair (which I'll have to post a pic of next time since my battery just died in my camera) at the front window sipping a cool drink and probably watching 3 different shows on the tv since The Saint has returned from his Man Week.

I'm nervously awaiting the arrival of the Dish Rag Tag box . I believe it's at Grace's house right now, headed to Nichole's after that and then to me...I hope I can fulfill my duty and get the job done speedy-fast. I'd like to do a basketweave like the one in my previous post but I'm not sure if I can do it fast enough to keep us competitive. And those prizes that Emily posted yesterday are fabulous...I want them! So, in that spirit GO LUCKY 13!!!

Cass is having a contest to commemorate her 222nd post, go check it out! I want to win cause that's some really cool yarn she's offered up as a prize. You should read her anyway just because she's a hoot and a half! Rena and I love her! Even if she is on a competing Dish Rag Tag team, lol.
But then, Rena's on a different team than I am so I guess it's all good! hee hee

Have a great weekend, Toodles!


Jen W!~ said...

Love that top!!! The color is so pretty. That box will be on it's way to you soon. Lucky 13 may not win but we will have fun trying.

Nichole said...

LOVE the tank!!! Gorgeous! Do we get to see it on you?
Ok I think Grace is putting us all to shame - did you see she received and resent the box on Saturday in like what... 2 and a half hours? OMG! I just hope to be able to get the box off to you the next morning after I get it!!