Thursday, August 16, 2007

KIP & Dish Rag Tag spoils

I buzzed home from work at lunch time and checked my mail and YAY, I got the box!! So I got started on my cloth before I headed back downtown for a bit of lunch at my favorite Asian restaurant, XO.

The waitress laughed after she took my picture. And walked away muttering something about public knitting, ha ha ha...glad I go there a lot and they sort of know me, hee

Nichole treated me so nicely. Look at all the pretty things she sent in that little box. (click on pictures to enlarge) There were the cutest stitch markers, with my fav, blue beads and little yarn balls w/needles in them and one for the beginning of the row with a martini glass! lol

Be sure to take a close look at the postcard with the rabbit, it is awesome. (I'll be havin that framed) There's also a nice bookmark and refrigerator magnet and of course some nice bright Sugar & Cream! You'll notice one skein of yarn is missing from this picture...scroll to the bottom to see what that looked like.

And the center piece is the sunny yellow sunflower cloth that she made.

Oh, and I better not forget the Neccos...all chocolate! Love them!

Thank you so much Nichole. You're the best!

And now this little baby is headed to California! Better be ready Allison, you know we want to win! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!


Grace Yaskovic said...

way to go ALLY everything looks great and the cloth you made love the colors, the sunflower Nichole made is just beautiful too I am now officially washcloth obsessed and never really was before the tag

GO LUCKY 13!!!

Nichole said...

So glad you liked all the goodies!!! :-) I have a set of those markers myself, except mine are - chuckle - all the Martini ones! ;-) (they came from Scout's Swag site)
Love the pic of you knitting in public - make sure you enter it in Emily's contest!!! =}
That dishcloth you made is beautiful!!! Can you post a pattern link or email the link to me?
I think we're all cloth obsessed now!!!

LesleyD said...

Go Ally!!! Looks great!!! I knit in public any chance I get. I love to see the expressions on people's faces. LOL

Cass said...

WOW great pics!!!! And Nichole's dishcloth is GORGEOUS! :)

sappmama said...

Geez, Ally, you scored!

And I love the colors of the cloth you made.