Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yes folks the grass is getting green...finally

and Max is still miffed that she can't get into the big part of the yard yet. Oh well, she'll get over it.

Yes, spring has finally arrived here in W Mi. I'll have to get The Saint's short sleeve uniform shirts out of storage this weekend. I'm sure he's gonna want them when he returns from the campaign trail next week.

He got to spend the time during the Obama/Clinton debate in an adjoining room watching on a big screen tv. Guess that's better than being at home watching it on tv.
Better proximity or something... Interesting video here just click on the camera above Pittsburgh on the map if you want to see it. The Saint is the handsome one with the earring about 1:10 into the video, lol.

The 23rd can't come too soon, that's for sure. This is the longest we've been apart in 10 years. He goes on that week long fishing trip every year but that's only 1 week for goodness sakes! Tomorrow he'll be hangin out with a group of retired Pittsburgh my all time fav, Franco Harris!!!! I told him to make sure the camera batteries were fully charged cause we can't miss an opportunity like that...The Saint and Franco together, I think I'm feeling faint, lol.

Kate Jacobs update: Did everybody read The Friday Night Knitting Club? which is now available in paperback I liked it, a-lot. The author of that book, afore mentioned Ms. Jacobs, will be appearing soon at a blog near you! Yep, right here...her new book is titled Comfort Food and will be released on May 5. I've been reading through my advance copy and I'm finding it very interesting. Completely different than FNKC and of interest to me since it's about Foodies. I think I've probably mentioned here before that my son-in-law Chef Wes happens to be - a chef! So stay tuned for that...

I'm hooking like crazy on my summer dress. I've got 2 repeats of the lace done on the skirt. Whatchu think? If I could sit still for a few hours I might get more done.
I'm just having a bit of difficulty concentrating. Livin alone bites!

Heeeeey to all of you that faithfully stop by!
Good traveling thoughts go out to Cass and her girls as they make their way to Raleigh and back this weekend. Congratulations to Gnat on her new job.
Jump over and see Nichole...I'll bet she's havin another contest, lol. And you have to go see Grace's fabulous lace! It's amazing! And you can usually find some yummy Food on Friday at Amy's place. And we really should try to motivate Rena to post to her blog more often, hehehe. Love you Rena! See all you peeps on Ravelry!
And if you have an appreciation for pretty papers go check out Charles' Etsy store. Some good stuff there.


Rena said...

Wow Pop's made a video on the internet he is a star. I know you miss him lots, me too. Can't wait for the yarnie party it will be so much fun. Have a good morrow

clarabelle said...

Whoa, I saw The Saint! Igor said to me the other night, "Barack's got something about him" and I thought, yes, you're quite right, he has. So we're rooting for Obama now!

Your crocheting is wondrous!

Nichole said...

So how did you score an advance copy of Kate's new book? Do share!

Anonymous said...

Love the crochet!! I too want to know how you scored that advanced copy! I loved her fist book as well. Love reading your blog. It my daily getting started routine at work!
Have a great week-end.

Purl said...

I am so happy that the Saint was in PN this week--the sacrifice better be worth it!

Your dress is gorgeous.

Grace Yaskovic said...

Great post Ally, I read Kate Jacobs and while I liked the book the ending was just so terribly sad, I will definitely read her new one though!! Your crochet is looking fabulous and thanks for plug for my lace!!!

Carrie said...

That crochet dress totally floors me--it's gorgeous!!!