Monday, July 28, 2008

We're baaaaack!

Safe and sound at Chez B...bleh

The little cabin was a great place for knitting and sipping...the cup holders in these camp chairs sure come in handy.

This is how I spent most of the week, with The Saint doing all the work...including the dishes, lol. We also boated around the bay...

He's really the greatest!

And he can strike a great his new "do"?

I managed to get my Camp Socks finished

and started a new pair - two socks on one circ with Panda Silk, mmmm, very nice yarn it is, I'll be sure to take a couple of pics to show you later in the week.

We went to the Charlevoix Fiber Festival and saw a few animals and lots of nice fibery stuff.

more on the festival later too.

On Friday the bay looked like this...

lots of sail boats as it was breezy. The flags in the park got a good workout.

Saturday was way too windy for boating so we just watched the water for awhile...

We had a yet another great week in Petoskey and I really didn't want to leave, even shed a tear as we made our last trip past the bay. smiff

It was one of the best weeks ever!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ah, Vacation...

A few things for you to think about while I'm gone...

Do you stop and smell the roses as often as you should?

Do you make yourself pretty things so you can look at them and have a happy thought every day?
Do you make enough time for fun with friends and family?

Life is so short, take it all in and enjoy it.

See you when I get back...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Nine, count 'em 9 years today. I couldn't be happier! Love you honey...

This picture is from Jennifer and Dan's reception at Trattoria Stella in T.C. last October.

The picture quality is crap, thanks to a disposable camera.

I love how happy we look. Here's to many more happy years together!

Fish & Spaghetti Extravaganza '08

It was a great party! Just ask Jared and Tammy...

There was singin in the "man-house" last night. They acted like they were 16 again...

All The Saint's fellas showed up for the party.

the westsiders...a great lookin group. That's our friend Ronnie in the middle above The Saint. Thanks so much for your good thoughts on his behalf last winter. As you can see, he's still among us, this party was a celebration of his life and all the good times they've had together.

It was loud including the fireworks and fun and we even got video of the Temptations routine as shot in the top photo. You really should have been here.

The fish was great - walleye, catfish and salmon. Jaime did a great job on the spaghetti, although we could have consumed twice as much of it, and I managed to heat up the 3 loaves of garlic bread w/o burning it, LOL.

Even our friends Jennifer & Dan, the ones that got married at the old asylum last year showed up...

with a great bottle of wine! Love you guys.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another pair of socks...

in the box! The Mardi Gras socks that I started while on vacation back in May are finished. I like 'em, you?

Opal fingering wt in the Mississippi colorway. I managed to get the stripes to match but for some reason the heels are different. Guess I'll be able to tell which foot is which huh?

I started another pair, two at a time on one circ this time. The yarn is fabulous! Panda Silk...very shiny, very soft and very SLIPPERY!!! OMG I'm having a terrible time keeping the yarn tight at the transition points...I have ladders! I haven't had ladders on a sock since I started knitting socks. I'm thinking I need a longer circ and maybe I'll start over again. This yarn is too nice to make half-assed socks with.

Isn't Sam handsome? Sorry, I'm OT, lol.

I've been working on The Saint's Big-Ass Sweater again. I figure if I ease into it a little at a time, before I know it, I'll be done...hopefully before the cold weather comes again.

Cass turned my head today with this little tidbit. If you're not a Raveler, sorry, you can't play. But it sounds like loads of fun. I already have a project in mind.

And in party's time for the Fish & Spaghetti Extravaganza at Chez B. We've invited family and friends and a good time will ensue tomorrow evening...After a nice relaxing day of knitting at my fav LYS of course.

It's hot here this evening...we should turn on the a/c but we're too cheap! The longer we can last w/o it the more money I can spend on yarn, or food, or wine. I think we're approaching the breaking point though. Let's hope the sun goes down pretty soon. The Saint is out working up a sweat in the garage getting things ready for the big partay. He's already parked the boat and his truck in the neighbor-across-the-street's driveway and tomorrow he'll put up the big tent and get his fryer set-up just so...he's a hoot! I love him to pieces. Come on over and party with us! Just bring your own drinks and a party chair...

Every evening for the past few weeks this guy has been calling from the top of a very tall, dead tree in the next-door neighbor's yard. The Saint will whistle to him and he'll answer every time. He's very pretty...and loud.
Well, everybody have a nice one. Try to fit some knitting into your schedule and maybe a visit with some friends and family. It makes for a really great weekend!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Road Trip!

What a great day. Rena, Christine and I headed over to Lansing for our own little yarn crawl and it was really fun.

After a yummy lunch at P.F. Chang's our first yarn-stop Woven Arts where we found all sorts of fabulous yarns that we haven't seen anywhere else.

I picked up a nice skein of Zohar Fingering weight...see...

isn't it pretty? It was hand painted by Nancy. We were a bit disappointed that she wasn't in the shop today so we could say hello. We were treated very nicely by her very friendly and able substitute who I'm sorry to say, we can't remember her name.

The vote was that we would definitely be going back there again. The vibe in the shop was very good and the small seating arrangement where you could look at pattern books or knit or chat was very cozy. And it only cost us a $1.10 to park in a nearby city parking lot.

Second stop on the itinerary was Rae's Yarn Boutique. The shop is a bit larger than Woven Arts and stocked a different selection of yarn. I picked up a few skeins of Araucania Nature Wool to make a weekender bag with a pattern designed by LynnH of ColorJoy fame.

I decided to give it a go in just two colors, wish me luck. The pattern looks a bit daunting. This shop was easy to get to with lots of parking that was free today (free parking is a definite plus).

We then took the scenic route through downtown Lansing, past the Capital and Hall of Justice on our way to Waverly road and the famed Threadbear. If you don't know where this shop is you'll surely miss it on the first pass as there is no sign at the street and only a paper sign in the window. Fortunately this was my second trip so I knew what I was looking for. As promised, they have an abundant supply of any kind of yarn you're searching for and a plethora of patterns. They were also well stocked with needles and notions. I picked up a couple of skeins of sock yarn - yes, I know I said I wasn't buying anymore sock yarn but I just couldn't help myself!

Check out this pretty Louet Sales Gems Quartz
it's a purply-lavendery mix and...

I couldn't leave the store without one of these
J Knits hand dyed skeins. I was also reminded by Rena that I wasn't going to buy anymore orange yarn for awhile but I pointed out that it was melon, not orange, so there! And of course the monitor never does the yarn justice.

The ice cream from the Twister next door was huge and very tasty.

The last stop on our tour of Lansing was a place suggested by the very nice Nancy-substitute at Woven Arts, The Little Red Schoolhouse. An interesting craft/antique mall that just happened to have a large space full of yarn/patterns and notions. What a nice little bonus at the end of the day.

It was a successful road trip as, in the words of my Grama...we got back home the same day we left.

Hope you all had as good a day as we've had. Wishing you all a restful Sunday since the next day we have to start another work week. Toodles!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Ketchup & Mustard and Fireworks on the 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July everybodee! It is a glorious, sunny day here in West Michigan. We celebrated a bit too much last night with the adult beverages and the fireworks, shhhh, don't tell anyone it was us, but we live to see another day.

The Saint cooked some chorizo and eggs with tortillas for breakfast and we were good to go.

I spent a couple hours weeding this morning before the sun got too hot.

Now I can kick back and enjoy the rest of the holiday, not that I don't enjoy weeding...blogging, knitting and switching back and forth between Food Network and Create. Today they were cooking onion rings in the oven, on America's Test Kitchen and they looked yummy. Got to try those.

While watching the onion rings bake on tv I finished Ketchup & Mustard by adding a bit of fringe on each end. Max kindly modeled for us and of course Sam had to get in a shot or two. They're such hams when I break out the camera!

Got some exciting news yesterday too. Georgeanne took the sparkley bag I made her for the Multi-Tasking 9 to 5 Swap over on Ravelry when she saw Cyndi Lauper in concert, got to meet the artist and Ms. Lauper actually said the bag was cute! eeeee, isn't that cool?! She's also got a little yarn dyeing business and you should see all the pretty yarn...I love the Mardi Gras and Vermont Foliage colorways best, but that's just me, lol.

Tomorrow Rena, Christine and I are heading out for Lansing to stop at several yarn shops, I found 3 that are in close proximity and we'll check those out. Threadbear Fiber Arts, Rae's Yarn Boutique and Woven Art. Should be fun with a stop at P.F. Chang's for lunch.

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Play safely!