Monday, September 22, 2008

My new bag and someone's new wallet

So here's my new bag from the Loopy Ewe.

Nichole so kindly sent me a gift certificate for my birthday (thanks so much Nichole, you're the best) and I put a toward this cute little bag. It's supposed to be a sock, small project bag but I have a thing for small purses so that's what I'm using it for...

And I've been sewing notions wallets, these just need buttons and they'll be finished.
One might be for a friend...who might live in Texas...but I'm not sayin, lol.

Friday, September 19, 2008

knittin' & sewin'

Whoo, it's been a busy vacation here at Chez B.

The sewing started when Rena asked if I could make her a couple of nifty headbands to keep her flowing locks in check while she's sleeping. Here's the result...shh, don't tell, I used an existing item to create my own and didn't even have to take the original apart. I think since I'm not selling them to her it's ok.

Seems I've gone sew crazy with the notions wallets...

When I get all this sewn together I'll have 7 new ones. They're so much fun to make and you can do them assembly-line fashion so they go together pretty quickly once you get all the fabric cut. Hopefully by the time The Saint gets home to take me out for Sushi I'll have them all sewn up and ready to assemble into wallets.

I really love working with the beautiful fabrics that are available now. Very artsy and so vibrant. I'm thinking I'll use the squares I have leftover from these for a new scrappy quilt, hmm, more fun!

I haven't abandoned my knitting though. A few stitches have been done this week too.

Skully is more recognizable now...

I'm lovin this little hat and the entire concept of two-color knitting. My left hand isn't very good with the yarn handling but it is getting better as I practice. I see great possibility for more creative knitting in my future since I am an old x-stitcher and have oodles of graphs that could be adapted to fun knitted objects with pictures.

Sock knitting is also happening here...I got this pair cast on last night and managed a few rows this morning while I was waiting at the Chrysler dealership for "Pete" to get an oil change.

Yarn is Socks That Rock "Knitters Without Borders". It's a black, grey, white, brick combo. I like it so far.

I'm off to sew, everybody have a great weekend.

I'm looking forward to knitting with a friend tomorrow at my fav LYS.

See ya!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Too much time on my hands...

So, I'm on vacation...alone. I got all the laundry done on Sunday so I don't have any of that to do this week.

Yesterday I went to a local office supply store and picked up a couple second-hand file cabinets and a desk top en voila!

I now have a nice new (to me) sewing desk. So today I've actually been...sewing! I have to have a clean space to create with the machine.

sewing stuff will be over here

Clutter on the table messes with my creative juices when it comes to sewing with the machine. I have just what I need on the table ignore that skully graph over there on the right, lol and all the other officey stuff is gonna have to stay on the north side of the room with the computer and the bills and stuff.

officey stuff stays over here

I managed to finish a little project I started a long time ago, a gift for a friend as part of the Pay It Forward exchange. I have been remiss in my duties but now I hope she'll stop in here and let me know which one of these little gems she'd like to have for her very own. And if she'll send me her addy by PM I'll get it in the mail immediately...hey Cass! Are you still stopping in here occasionally? I hope so...

Thanks to everyone who admired my new socks. I really appreciate each and every one of you who left nice comments. Hope you are all having a great week too!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My New Favorite Socks

Man! I just finished these last night...put them on this morning and I'm thinking about never taking them off, lol.

I used reinforcing thread at the heel and they are nice and squishy there. I'll be using that stuff again for sure. No more sparsely stitched heels for me!

And don't you just love the color? It's so cheerful!

I knit them in my modified Magic Loop technique with a Knit Picks size 1 (2.5mm) in

Claudia Hand Painted - Freesia

ETA: heel shots

Thursday, September 11, 2008

DRT The Sequel

Thank you Stephanie! The surprises in the box were great!

Last Friday I arrived home from work to find this little box on my dining room table. The Saint had been nice enough to place it in a prominent place so I would find it right away when I got home from work.

I managed to get the box open and see what cool stuff was inside before returning to the dining room to have a bite to eat.

After dinner I plopped down on the sofa in front of the tv and proceeded to work on We Call Them Pirates.

At about 9pm it dawned on my dumb a$$ that I had that box in the other room and should have been knitting on the dish rag instead of the Pirates. Gah!

I got busy and cast on the required # of stitches and did a few rows until the ole carpal tunnel was singin pretty good then I went off to bed. zzzzzzzzzzz

The rooster crowed at 7am so I could be ready when my children arrived for our weekly breakfast at Marie Catrib's. Nommy, nom, nom breakfast is done then it's back home to knit a few rows before heading downtown for the Hispanic Festival to see our grand-daughter dance. Killed a couple or three hours hangin with the fam watchin the Mexican dancing, enjoying the Mexican food and a couple of chilled beverages...then back home and get ready to go to a wedding and reception. I think we got home about 9pm. Knit a few more rows and catch a few more zzz's.

I was up early Sunday morning and got the dish rag finished but it was Sunday so I had to sit tight til Monday morning at 10am when the P O opened so I could get that little box posted and on its way. What a crazy weekend! My leg of the race is complete. Phew, that was crazy! Now it's Maria's turn, good luck to you!

Thanks for stoppin in and checking out my blog, I'll leave you with a photo of The Saint's shirt-o-the-day...

Have a great weekend everybody! I'll be celebrating the big 52 eek!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hispanic Festival '08

This weekend we celebrate all things Hispanic...

Especially our dances in the program...(below on the right)

and then she's The Little Old Man

and the other dances in the audience...all he's missing is the costume (second pic below is the real deal)

Aren't they fabulous?!

There was plenty of food to eat...

and lots of pretty things to buy...

and even our favorite restaurant in the whole world had a booth...yummy, let's eat!

Siesta time! Pick a rug we gotta rest now...

We have a wedding to go to yet this afternoon, it's gonna be a long evening...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Saint and The Pirates

Hey everybody! Thanks for stoppin in last time and leaving comments...

It was a busy weekend with the End of Summer Family Fish & Spaghetti Soiree on Saturday - 25 folks showed up for a great meal and some good times.

On Monday I really didn't feel like cooking anything so The Saint was rummaging around in the kitchen about supper time...I was, um, knitting. After about an hour he said "dinner is served on the patio my dear"...I was a bit surprised since this is unusual and when I walked out there I
almost squealed...grilled RibEye steaks and shrimp with Jasmine rice and grilled veggies...Yep, that's why he's called The Saint. Spoils me, a-lot! Thanks Honey, the table looked fabo too.

So about the knitting...
I've turned the heel on my socks and had my first experience with the reinforcing yarn at the heel...I have a lot of loose ends...I think I'll just let them felt themselves over time...

As for the Pirates...check it out, my first two-color knitting project! With a provisional cast-on...I'm going all kinds of crazy with this project. I got the pattern free from the Hello Yarn site.

This has me so geeked I can't believe it. I'm having a bit of a challenge with the length of my circ so will be switching to a Magic Loop configuration as soon as I sign off here tonight. This is Dale of Norway Fauk with a size 2 needle.

Hope everybody is having as much fun knitting this week as I am.

I'll leave you this week with a couple of shots from the Saturday's soiree...for this party we let folks bring their children...boy, children are a lot of work!

They were loads of fun too. So long summer!