Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wildflower's meme

I got tagged by Cheryl for this meme...

go to your 5th photo folder and pick the 5th photo,

post it and tag five other folks...

Here's the photo...

the beautiful bobbin bowl that my very special friend Shine made. Isn't it awesome?!

So now I'm tagging the following folks that I know and love, hehehe


I can't wait to see your photos.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

what came first...the Chickenlady or the egg?

actually, she came in the door with the eggs in her hand, LOL

and freshly baked (by her DH) Snickerdoodles...her name isn't Chickenlady for nothin.

Kim came for a spend-the-night, chat-n-knit and we had a wonderful time. She has filled my friend-cup to the brim. I will bask in the glow of a great day - knitting, chatting, eating, sipping some good wine and more knitting, and snacks!

Thanks for being a great friend Kim! We'll have to do it again...when the weather is warmer and we don't have to brush 4" of snow off the cars and shovel before you can be on your way home, hehehe.

For my friends in warmer climes...this is snow, this is what it looks like out my window this isn't showing any sign of letting up either...

Yet another Late Night Yarny Party has come and gone at City Knitting.

my yarny peeps, Val, Christine & Kim
I cannot thank Lorilee enough for being a great hostess, but, here's my best effort, THANKS LORILEE!!!!!

At some point in the evening I remember making the statement that I had gotten the most knitting done ever at last night's party - above is the evidence...another Button Tab Hat that would have been finished last night if I had remembered my size 9 DPNs, gah! Oh well, it gave me a chance to knit 6 or 8 rows on The Big Ass Sweater. Every row counts on the sweater, maybe I'll get it done before next winter, hahaha.

Hope all of you have a special friend to spend some time with.

Everybody have a great week!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

yet another hat

I believe I'm obsessed with the Button Tab Hat.

Last night I was minding my own business, dusting and cleaning off the tables and yet another color/yarn combo jumped into my head. Then it wouldn't leave me alone! I had to dig through my stash, find some red yarn and get it started.

I love casting on and whipping through the band which is knitted flat for 14 rows then you bind off 10 sts, join in the round being careful not to twist, LOL, and stockinette for 4.5 inches, start your decreases and before you know it you have a great looking little hat! You should try it!

I got this much done last night watching two episodes of Throwdown w/ Bobby Flay. That's 7 rows of K2P2 rib. I'm using the remainder of the black Cascade Rustic that I used for my most recent Button Tab Hat adventure with and a skein of red Encore DK that I had hanging around. I think it's fab.

Thank you to all of you who regularly stop by and leave comments. I really appreciate your encouraging words. Friends are a priceless commodity.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Endless Waffle-ly Stitch

Happy Day After Valentines Day everybody!

Hope you all got a nice treat and a big hug from your favorite Valentine. I got this nice card, had lunch with the best husband in the world, and got to spend the biggest part of the day knitting at City Knitting. Can't ask for a better day!

Speaking of knitting...I've been steadily working on The Saint's Big Ass's the evidence...

This is the back, which is done and the front which is about 8 inches so far, I have a ways to go but it doesn't seem as daunting as it did when I was only 1/2 way through the back.

The picture below represents the color best but the others show the stitch pattern better.

For some reason I'm having trouble taking a close enough picture to show how "hairy" this yarn is. It's soft and slippery too. It's going to be an amazing sweater when I finish it, LOL. Maybe I should read the instructions that came with my camera...but I don't want to spend the time reading camera instructions when I could be knitting, hahaha!

Well, let's go make some granola and slice some celery for The Saint's lunches. I'm a busy bee!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Small Scarf

I finished my small multi-color scarf today. It's nice and warm, very soft and has lots of pretty colors.

It's a keeper! Nashua Sitar, size 9 straights, broken rib pattern (K2, P1) in both directions til I ran through 2 balls of the yarn.

And there's a sneak peak at my latest Button Tab still needs buttons...

And speaking of a keeper...

and Valentine's Day is right around the corner...hehehe

Saturday, February 7, 2009


This morning Val & Wes, Jared & Tammy and I shared a ride to breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot.

I'll share with you all today's knitting...

A scarf in a broken rib pattern (k2,p1 in both directions) made with Nashua Sitar.

The gang that regularly hangs out at City Knitting shared responsibilities for answering the phone, winding yarn, helping folks with their stitches and interpreting patterns. Most of the regular staff was off tending a vendor booth at Knit Michigan today.

Rita and I shared a few stories about our past lives...we have much in common.

Christine and I shared lunch from the new Indian Cuisine restaurant over on Wealthy St. It was yummy!

When we returned my friend Shine was at CK...I shared a bag of sock yarn remnants for her mitered square blanket and she shared this little treasure...

thrown by her hands and fired in her kiln, it has a beautiful, deep, shiny glaze...thanks Shine!

I love sharing.

ETA: Shine has an Etsy shop here, go check out her stuff.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Playin Possum

I've been knitting and quilting and crocheting like a crazy woman of late.

I got a crochet sock cuff started with actual sock yarn, I like the fabric better but it is sloooooow going for sure.

Size D hook and sock yarn...endless hooking I tell ya! And black too, I must be crazy! I practically need some airport landing lights to see the stitches.

Here's how it looks...compared to the sport weight that I tried first (suggested yarn).

And in other news...we finally found out why the dogs keep hanging out by the shed behind the garage...with their noses poking under/through the fence...

this rather large Opossum with very cute pink toes must be living under there.

We had to keep the dogs inside since I didn't want them knocking the critter off the fence onto their heads. I have no idea if their fierce or not. Anybody out there know anything about Opossum behavior?

ETA: I actually Googled the Opossum and found that it is a long-existing (back to dinosaur time) mammal that is marsupial (like a kangaroo) non-confrontational, transient with opposable thumbs on it's hind legs that doesn't dig holes and usually doesn't live beyond 4 yrs. Their supposed to bear their young between February and April so maybe if this one hangs around long enough we'll find out if it is male or female. Couldn't get close enough to check, hahaha.