Monday, March 30, 2009

Why do they tempt me so?

I'm almost through the back of the Button-Banded V-Neck (remains of 2nd skein of Sierra Quatro in my yarn bowl below) when this new magazine shows up in my mailbox...

with this top, that I just have to have...

My ugly waffly socks are never gonna get finished! bwa-ha-ha-ha!

And here are a couple snaps of Diva, my #8 grand-dog. Isn't she pretty? And she's a lover.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

When is spring coming?

It seems like spring is only going to tease us this year. One day of warmer temps and 5-6 days of freezing windy weather. During today's weather forecast they said we could get 8" of snow tomorrow...what kinda crap is that?! I am so over snow! ahem, ok on a more positive note...

I have a new yarn bowl from Shine's Etsy store...hand delivered, with coffee and conversation, the best way - I think.

progress on the Button-Less Tank...12" on the way to 13.5" where I'll start the armhole decreases...

Max got a fresh new look...

Our grand-daughter, Jasmine, spent the night with us last night...The Saint took us to dinner at the Cafe San Juan...yummy Mofongo and Rice & Gandules with roast pork...mmm-mmm. This morning we had breakfast at Marie's then spent a couple hours at City Knitting. Jasmine's trying to master the long-tail cast on...with a very short attention span, LOL.

Hopefully, we won't get that 8" of snow tomorrow and we can pretend it's actually spring even thought the thermometer doesn't indicate such.

Thanks for stopping in and saying hey. I appreciate all of you who are loyal readers. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Have a great week!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

True Grit...socks!

They are finished...and I love them!!!!! Photos galore...

from every angle imaginable, LOL

front, back, side - angled and not...

I just can't get enough views of these.

Even folded with the heels up...

They really make me very happy. Thanks Amy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Socks & Tops

Hello everybody!

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments on my blog. It's so nice to know that I have some friends out there that keep an eye on me. After all, don't we make hand-crafts for the thrill of saying "look what I made!"? I know I do.

I'm still knitting like crazy, probably trying not to think about icky things that are happening in the world. Seems like a little knitting can make you feel so much happier when the world around you is swirling wildly in no particular direction.

The True Grit socks are moving right along.

I can't believe I waited so long to knit up this yarn. Amy, I'm so sorry this has been hanging out in my stash so long. I really love how these socks are turning out and can't wait to wear them.

The other day the Spring/Summer '09 issue of KnitSimple magazine arrived in my mailbox. I found a super-fabulous top and I had the perfect yarn for it. You know I cast it on while I was at Rena's knitting on Tuesday night, don't you? I have 2.5 inches of the back bottom edge done...I really need to sharpen my photography skills...

Here are the particulars:

Pattern: Button Banded V-Neck I won't be adding the buttons but I love the shape of this for spring/summer wear
Designer: Tonia Barry
Yarn: Sierra Quatro I have a boat-load of it that I was gonna make a different top with - that I am so over now

Rachel is having a contest, you could win something fibery - it ends tomorrow at 9pm eastern...hurry over and check out the fabo hand dyed yarns and stuff in her Etsy shop.

It's cold here again today, after being almost 70 for a couple of days...I know the warm weather is coming, it's just not coming fast enough!

For all you peeps that are just's nice to have you here too! Everybody have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The toll of winter...and a new do!

It was nice enough outside today to do a bit of scouting around the yard...for fun things like doggie gifts and new flower shoots. One of the consequences of winter was evident from the deck this afternoon. I didn't even have to walk close to the flower bed on the north side of the yard to see this...

maybe you could use a closer look?

I should point out that these pots are not inexpensive...I won't be buying any new ones any time soon...I'm thinking if they don't get moved they'll eventually be covered with the Hens n Chicks that they hold and maybe, somehow, this damage will not be so noticeable. The pot that is facing the photographer is missing it's bottom from last winter's freeze. Guess terra-cotta pots aren't meant for outdoor use in the winter in Michigan...ah well.

In other news at Chez B, the garage is getting an airing out today, the doggie fence is going up and I got a new do it is...

Ta Da! Nice and short for the warmer weather that I know has to be coming soon. please please please

I've been knitting socks, a-lot! Here's the ones I've been working on today...

I'm just short of the toe now - getting ready to decrease. Tomorrow I should be starting on it's mate. Then I promise I'm going to get started on my ZigBagZ...I just have to figure out the directions for getting it started...a nice quiet place where I can concentrate would probably be helpful. Oh, yeah, I can sit in my nice craft room in my comfy chair...why don't I ever think of that? Sitting in the living room with The Saint watching 3 ball games and a John Wayne movie all at the same time can be a bit distracting...

Thanks all of my faithful friends that stop in to say hello! I really appreciate you're loyalty. I'm sorry I can't make socks fly off your needles, hahaha

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sock update

Yet another pair of socks has flown off the needles this week.

I believe I'll run them through the dryer one time to snug them up a bit, otherwise the fit is good. They're nice a toasty too.


2 skeins of Louet Gems Quartz in the purple colorway (this yarn has been discontinued)
2.5mm Size 1 Addi Turbo circ via the MagicLoop method
64 st leg and foot.

Next up - ta-ta-ta-da! Another pair of socks! Can you believe it? I'm on a roll and can't stop myself. I've had a skein of TV Yarn that Amy sent me for the first swap I was ever in. I told her my husband was a John Wayne fan during our "getting to know each other period" and she sent me these two skein of True Grit. LOL

I've been forsaking it for others for long enough...Monday morning I cast on and I'm loving it already! Thanks again Amy. It was a great choice.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Panopticon = love

Over the weekend Rena - my super fabulous daughter - went to Chicago and I went over and let her little doggies out a couple of times.

It was fun, I love her little doggies.

In appreciation Rena brought me some pretty orange (my current favorite color) stitch markers and yarn - not just any yarn mind you, but, Panopticon sock yarn - named in honor of Franklin Habit. See...isn't it pretty? I love it!

I've been wanting this yarn for a while, thought about driving all the way over to Threadbear in Lansing just to get some. Now I won't have to drive to Lansing for it. I can just walk into my office and pet it any time I want. Love you Rena! I would have let the little doggies out even without the yarn cause I loves them. The yarn - a super fabulous bonus!

Thanks Rena - a lot!

And...when I got home from work today there was a nice surprise that the postman had delivered...all the way from Italy! Lessie sent my favorite things - paper and a pen! The Envelope Swap on Ravelry was so much fun! There will be another one soon I understand so if you want to do a little swap (small envelope with a $5 gift) go over and get yourself signed up.

Monday, March 2, 2009

a life - er - sock saver

About enough yarn for half a sock is all that was left at the end of the only skein I had...
this first pic shows the most accurate color

phew! I thought I was going to have a problem on Saturday when I finished this super fabulous sock and didn't have enough yarn to make a second one. I couldn't remember what kind of yarn it was or where I bought it.

Fortunately, I had listed this yarn in my stash on Ravelry and when I went and looked, there it was, plain as day...Louet Gems Quartz...purchased at Threadbear in Lansing sometime last summer.

I shot off an email to Threadbear and Rob replied the same day that yes, I was in luck, there was 1 lone skein left. (the one I should have bought since I needed 2 to make a pair of socks - who reads the yardage anyway?!)

Yay! So today it is on it's way to Chez B destined to be the second of a great pair of socks. Thanks Rob! You're a lifesaver!