Saturday, January 31, 2009

You can crochet socks?! Who knew?

I was surprised to see a segment about crocheted socks on an old episode of Knit and Crochet Today that my DVR caught the other day. Of course I had to throw the Big Ass Sweater aside for a minute and give this new-to-me sock technique a try.

I love the cuff and the leg is super simple half-double crochet but the yarn recommended which I happened to have a bunch of in my stash is not my fav and it is way too bulky for my tender feets. I guess it's good practice but I'm scrounging through my stash to find a finer, natural fiber yarn.

I have this yummy Panda Wool Superwash that was hand dyed by Rita at Yarn Hollow that might be just the right yarn for the job.

it's a Superwash Merino, Bamboo, Nylon blend...

or maybe this solid black Louet Gems Opal would be a good choice...

I picked this up at the Michigan Fiber Festival last fall. I'll give them a try today and let you know.

I'm heading over to City Knitting in a few minutes to see if there is anything else that would work better - ha, yeah like that's really why I'm going there! I have to go get my weekly dose of friendship, that's why I'm really going. I'm thinking I need something that's tightly spun so I don't have to deal with splitty yarn. Me and the crochet hook don't always see eye to eye on yarn choice though. The hook usually wins, LOL.

To the victor go the socks, in the meantime I hope everyone is staying safe and warm and getting some crafting done.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Piling up the blocks

I managed to get a few more blocks pieced today...

I'm not too sure about the one with the white background...hoping it will grown on me. Since this is a scrap quilt, I'm trying not to over-plan. It could get interesting. I have 19 blocks done so far.

I managed to get the back of The Big-Ass Sweater done up to the neckline. I've cast on the 170 stitches for the front and have 6 rows done of the ribbing. My needles are smokin! LOL

I've spent way too much time lurking my Bloglines trying to catch up on some of the blogs I haven't read in awhile. There are not enough hours in the day to visit everyone on the list. I do have some favorites though that I don't let myself get behind friends Melissa, Nichole, Grace and Jessica...then there's Jared and Cass and Jody...Carlita Dee (who is a bottomless well of inspiration to me in so many ways) and I don't miss Posie Gets Cozy, Alicia Paulson is the most fabulous photographer! If I can keep up with these folks every week I feel I am on track. Then I have to be sure to check out Lime and Violet's Daily Chum so I don't miss anything interesting in the overall crafty world. I also try to catch Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood's podcast, she always has some fun stuff going on.

Time to go do a few more rows on the sweater and see what 3 kinds of crap The Saint is watching on the tv, LOL. He never watches just one station at a time.

Everybody have a great week! I will if I don't get called for Jury Duty...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boomer's New Sweater

Boomer's new sweater is all felted...

And he's tried it on.

side view...
Back view...and rarin' to go view...

Isn't he the cutest? Now his back will stay dry and warm while he's outside for a few minutes.

Thanks, everybody, for checking out my pictures.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dilemmas of the Multi-Craftual

It's too cold to be running around town today so I've decided to stay toasty-warm in my work (actually play) room. I'm trying to decide what I want to do for a few hours this afternoon.

Here are my choices...

Do I reduce this pile by piecing more quilt blocks...

or make a nice warm sweater for Boomer...

I'm leaning toward the doggie sweater since Boomer is in great need of a warm sweater. I'll have to made it quickly so I can felt it and have it dry while he still needs a nice warm sweater. These are leftover bits of Ironstone Harmony, which is great for felted projects, like loafers and clogs. The pattern is in one of my favorite books, Simple Chic by Jil Eaton.

Tonight The Saint and I will be attending a party...

Can't wait to see all the folks we celebrated with on November 4th, 2008.

I'll be breathless with excitement on Tuesday. It will be awesome to witness such a great moment in history.

Thanks to all of you who continue to faithfully check my blog and say hello. Bubblesknits, Shine, Dianne, Grace, Nichole, Rena (who really needs to update her blog), Linda, Mellisa and Darcy I love you all, you rock! I appreciate you all more than you'll ever realize. You keep me entertained and motivated.

Everybody stay warm and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boomer and The Big-Ass Sweater

Once upon a time there was a little Pug named Boomer who's owner passed away leaving him in need of a place to stay. He went on a journey across the state with only the collar on his neck and a few papers...and found a new home with Rena, Wes and Winston...

Last night when Grammie went to Rena's for knitting she was enthusiastically greeted by her new grand-dog. Boomer is adorable (don't you love his teeth?) and loves to cuddle. He could stand to gain a pound, nothing that a few extra treats won't take care of, and needs a winter coat for going outside in the cold weather. He has a little problem with jumping on folks and likes to "box" Winston but we're sure he'll get over this deviant behavior pretty quickly. Once he realizes that Winston is the king of the house.

Boomer loves his Grammie's slippers...

...he took a bit of a nap on them while Grammie knitted on The Big-Ass Sweater. A sweater that, believe it or not, is actually growing these days. pics later in this post

Boomer and Winston got along pretty well all evening until it was time for Grammie to leave. When she picked Winston up to give him his good bye kiss, Boomer wanted "up" too and Winston was not havin it!

When Grammie arrived back at Chez B Max & Sam became stuck to her pant-leg like glue. You know they were conjuring up all kinds of crazy images about what they were smelling on Grammie's clothes.

Dogs are so funny.

Now, when Boomer comes to visit Chez B, maybe they'll recognize the smell of him and let him in the door, hahaha!

The End

And in the world of's the progress on The Big-Ass Sweater...

4 skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca down, 10 more to go, hahaha!

And this just in...sadly, Ricardo Montalban passed away today...I don't know which comes to mind first, Fantasy Island or the Chrysler commercials about Corinthian Leather. May he rest in peace...

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I'd like to be impervious to the weather like Max. She sat out in the backyard this afternoon for over an hour. Watching a squirrel walk across the top of the fence trying to figure a way to the bird feeder without becoming victim to Max's great hunting skills.

All attempts to call her in were futile...until she was good a ready.

She's feeling like an extra-happy dog today since she had a trip to the groomer yesterday.

Spent the afternoon being an air freshener about the house.

Don't you love this pose? - see pose at right - this is the pose she pulled on me yesterday when I was trying to drop her off at the groomer The look on her face yesterday was much more pitiful than this face today, lol. And she didn't have snow packed on yesterday either.

Wow, it was a busy day at City Knitting yesterday! When I got there about 11:30 I had to wedge in a chair, hehehe. I love it when there's lots of folks knitting and chatting. It was one of those days when folks are tired of being trapped in their houses by the crappy weather. What better place to escape to than your LYS? I didn't get a lot of knitting done...but then, I never do! I got to meet a couple of new folks, visit with Rena and Christine (who I missed knitting with on Tuesday after the big sickness of last weekend). And Kathy joined us for a great lunch at the Brick Road Pizza Co.

After a slippery drive home, with a detour for milk and bread in case we got snowed in over night, I settled in at Chez B for what I thought would be a nice quiet evening of knitting and tv. Not! Instead, I got the overwhelming urge to rearrange the office/sewing room and commenced unplugging computer cables and moving furniture. With a short break for a decent night's sleep and a little french toast breakfast, I got it all done by about 10 this morning. I am happy with the result, I even did a little arts and crafts today...clickey to biggie-size

...our masks from a fabulous Chef's Dinner w/wine at Marisol in New Orleans in April 2005. The restaurant no longer exists, sadly, along with much of what was great about the city. It took me too long to get them framed. It was a great vacation.

Here's The Saint's loafers, all felted now...

they're still pretty big, bwa-ha-ha!

You all have a great week! I will.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Would you be skeerd too?

Why would I knit an amazing scarf and not wear it?

I invested much time and a crazy number of dollars in the knitting of this beautiful scarf. It is exactly the right color for me and exactly the right length. It is knit of a super-fabulous yarn.

But when faced with the possibility that it could be lost/stolen/dropped on a muddy-snowy-icey-wet floor I am paralyzed by the thought of taking it off the shelf and tossing it around my neck.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Icey Sunday project update

2nd pot-o-coffee has been brewed

Facebook has been checked (yes I have fallen victim to the evil that is Facebook)

blog posting going on...

The Saint has rearranged the vehicles in their proper order for leaving for work in the morning after scraping ice and slipping around til I thought I'd go crazy watching especially after he "sat down" on the front porch this morning trying to retrieve the newspaper. He wasn't happy with a wet behind and his slipper being clear across the driveway, LOL. It's warming up a bit but everything has a coat of ice on it and the fog is rolling in. blech

The knitting needles and the quilt blocks will soon be flying here at Chez B. Maybe not as accurately as they should since there was a bit-o-bourbon in that lovely little Joseph Schmidt truffle, hehehe.

The Saint's Big Ass Sweater is slowly growing

I've started another Button Tab Knit Hat

and the blocks for the Romance Quilt are slowing coming together

Ooo, I just got another idea for the quilt, gotta go print up a few more letters before I forget.

Anyone got any opinions on the difference between a Viking Mega Quilter and a Baby Lock Quilter's Choice Professional? I'm thinking about a little reward for AllyB when she gets the Romance Quilt pieced, hehehe.

Any input on the quilting machines would be greatly appreciated. I'm planning on test-driving some in the next couple weeks to see how they perform. Maybe by the time I get the top pieced it is a king size afterall I'll have a few dollars stuffed under the mattress to buy the machine.

Everybody have a great week!