Sunday, May 31, 2009

a smile and some sewing

Ever been driving down the street and see something that makes you go huh?...and smile to yourself?

On my trips across town to pick up my grand daughter I pass this business. It always makes me smile. Black Castle/Community Tax Service...

It's not every day you see a business that combines food with tax help. That's certainly an example of diversification. Don't you think?

We're in the midst of a very nice weekend here at Chez B. Yesterday after breakfast with my kids I made a trip to the Farmer's Market for some herb plants. I'll put them in my little garden today. I drove way beyond my usual driving circle to Smith-Owen Sewing Center to check out their big sale...4 fat quarters and a skirt pattern later (for less than $20 bucks!) I was on my way for a visit with some knitting peeps at Biggby Coffee. I got a few rows done on my waffle sock and had some friendly conversation, along with a very tasty beverage.

Later, back at Chez B there was pattern graphing going on. I decided that Boomer needs a raincoat. I found a great pattern on the Handwoven Magazine site. I bet he'll look great in a red vinyl slicker with a plaid lining. I picked up the vinyl for about $5 and had a piece of plaid upholstery fabric in my stash. I have it cut out and pinned together, sewing will commence some time today...

I also picked up these new fangled scissors for super cheap on sale.

Pretty awesome huh?

I've also been cruising eBay again. Looking at sergers and vintage sewing machines. After seeing what they're going for I believe I'll have my White Rotary rewired and see how I like using it before I invest in any more machinery. When cleaned up and re-wired it will look a bit better than it does now.
Isn't she a beauty? And she's in a very nice Martha Washington style cabinet too. I love old machines, have owned many over the years. They are works of art and built to last, for-eh-vah!

Oops, gotta go, The Saint says it's time for the shake-down cruise on the boat. Back soon...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Post #211 for lack of a better name...

It's Memorial Day...

Thank you to all who have given heroic service to our country.

This would include The Saint who did his part in the jungles of Southeast Asia 69-71.

I'd like to send out this poem to all who gave their lives in order for all of us to enjoy the freedom we have to speak and do as we do, daily.


I've been doing a bit of knitting when I can get Boomer to sit in his own spot on the couch and not on my lap. LOL It's a challenge however. I've made some progress on the Zig BagZ so that you can see the zig-zag part (above the solid brown line which is the corner of the bottom of the bag). Today I've been tinking two rows because I must not have been paying attention yesterday and zagged when I should have been zigging.

Today has been cleaning up after yesterday's family feast, bathing 2 of 3 dogs - the short-haired ones - doing laundry (10 loads) and moving a couple of things in the crafty room that were messing up my chi.

I also got my new sewing basket for the sofa finished up today.
I got a free basket from work and painted it this fabulous bright green then lined it with a piece of fabric I found in a box on a shelf en voila! I think it looks pretty good.
It's shallow enough that I can see what's there and deep enough to keep my yarn from rolling around, it will also keep Boomer from stepping in it...I hope.

Did you all have a great holiday weekend?

It was a feast here yesterday...ribs, chicken, spaghetti, cranberry salsa, jicama salad, Elote and rhubard crisp. Jaime's spaghetti is described best by the pic she shot of Boomer yesterday...

I believe The Saint has his ribs just perfect and it's only 8 weeks til the 11th Annual BBQ Competition at John Ball Park. Yee-haw!

Have a great week everybody.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

change is always good

A good day for just looking out from the inside

It's a bit chilly for sitting on the deck so today The Saint and I are sorting seasonal clothing. This involves his dragging totes up from the basement, taking everything out and trying it on to see what still fit - sadly some things didn't. Each item deemed not worthy of keeping for the summer went into to a couple different bags - one for the local mission and one for the grand-children. A tedious process but as with all organizational tasks, very rewarding when done.

Boomer shows off his bag-o-clothes for the mission...

I've also been rearranging the "dog" room to make a place for this...

Boomer's new canvas/mesh condo. He's livin in high style. And can someone tell me why he thinks he has to sit on my lap while I compose a blog post?

guess he thinks he's my editor now...

and playing with the camera - never can get enough practice with it and still trying to get the focus right...Oh, did somebody want to see knitting? I have actually been doing some this week...

blue socks a little progress on ZigBagZ

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gifts and A Little Buddy

My Little Buddy arrived yesterday and this nice little envelope full of goodies arrived today...

it was mailed from the UK on 1/5/09...the postal carrier must have swum it across the ocean, LOL

and here's a closer view so you can see the cute little fish erasers...

Thanks go to Jody over in Corby, Northants, you're the best!

Also have this nice little item to show you that Nichole sent me. We agreed on an exchange...she got one of my notions wallets and I got this great yarn cutter that she beaded. The photo is pretty crappy but I hope you'll get the idea. She has these and lots of very pretty stitch markers for sale in her Etsy shop too...go see!

that's a little sheep over to the right in case you can't recognize it, lol.

Yesterday a little visitor came to stay at our house for new little buddy...with a face only his mother could love, hehehe

He's getting to know Max & Sam...Sam is pretty interested in him but Max, eh, she couldn't care less if he came from Mars.

It's difficult to get good shots of him because he's a pretty speedy little guy. I had to stand very still so he would wander around at lunch time, instead of being attached to my leg but I finally got a couple good ones.

And right now...this is what he's up to...

so everybody have a great weekend...thanks for stopping in, I certainly appreciate your visits and comments.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

another lazy Sunday

I wanted to be sure to say Happy Mother's Day to all of you who need, want and deserve such greetings.

Since I am a mother every day I try to appreciate all of them. The Hallmark holidays don't really move me much. They mostly make me think of holidays as obligations rather than occasions to celebrate. I think that we should celebrate every day that we have with each other and make them all as enjoyable as possible.

This morning I'm sitting here wondering if I'm going to find the motivation to get in the shower and make myself presentable should we happen to have any company here at Chez B today.
I don't like to be seen in my messy unkempt state but do like to shirk my usual over-achieving on Sundays - even beautiful, sunny Sundays. It's the one day of the week that I can be totally unaccountable for my time. Aside from washing up the breakfast dishes - thanks Honey for the great breakfast! - and thinking about doing some laundry so I'll have something to wear to work tomorrow, I don't do much on this day of the week except knit and surf the net.

Since you don't know what I'm wearing or that my hair isn't combed we can carry on our conversation as if I'm about to be bustling around like most other folks today getting ready for a family holiday celebration. hehehe

Shhh, just don't tell anybody my secret and I'll show you some photos I took recently.

Winston's new hair cut...New knitting projects in the works...

ZigBagZ by Lynn H in Araucania Nature Wool

Fascine Braid Socks in Creatively Dyed Yarn SeaWool color # S51

and the breath-taking souvenir The Saint brought me from Las Vegas...

I sometimes wonder if I deserve him.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy 70th Mom!

If you came for the knitting scroll to the end but if you do you"ll miss the fun.

Today is my mother's 70th birthday (if you click on the photo above you'll see a special message on the restaurant menu for her).

We celebrated on Sunday knowing she'd be gallivanting around the countryside with her senior citizen peeps on this special day.

It was beautiful sitting by the window overlooking the Grand River from Charley's Crab.

I believe she had a nice dinner but if you could ask her I know she'd say the opportunity to spend a couple leisurely hours with two of her grand children was the best gift. Why is it so hard to get 3 people to smile all at the same time? LOL

I'm a firm believer in our time being the best of gifts, whether it's being together or spending the time to hand-make a gift for someone.

Mom has always been more than generous with her time for all of us:
3 children
3 step-children
14 I think grand-children
6 great-grandchildren and another on the way...

Quite a legacy.

She's been a super cheerleader for all of us over the years. Love you Mom!

I finished the Trekking socks...

don't they look just like those Neopolitan candies? I seem to be quite attached to yarn with these colors, hmmm. Here's another view, just to show everybody that I can actually make a pair of socks that doesn't match exactly, LOL

This picture makes it look like one is even a little longer than the other, hahaha, imagine that!

Hope you all have a great day! Thanks for stopping in, come back soon.