Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunch a turkeys!

On our way home from breakfast this morning we saw this bunch crossing the street

 in the middle of the city!

Looked to be 1 Tom turkey and a bunch of hens.  So, being a blogger, you know I had to jump in my car and go back to take pictures, LOL  Only problem was I had my camera on a setting for close-up pics of knitting so the best shots of the Tom strutting with his tail unfurled were completely out of focus dangit!  It was early and the neighborhood was still pretty much asleep so hopefully no one saw the crazy lady in the bright green coat running around taking pictures.

Last night The Saint had his customary popcorn w/basketball and all the dogs were on-point for every-single-kernel...
 I don't think you could have run them off with a stick.  please ignore all the crap in this photo...

I'm off to hang with my old City Knitting peeps this morning.  Haven't seen them in quite awhile.  It'll be nice to catch up on all the latest news.  Then this afternoon I'm off to pick up a sewing machine that someone is giving away, yeah, for free.  If it's in the cabinet I think it's in and that cabinet is in any kind of decent shape it'll be awesome.  I'll post some pics soon so you can all check it out.

On Thursday The Saint and I picked up a Singer 15-91 in a cute cabinet.  Needs some work but I'm hoping to get it in shape and move it into the house soon.  Here's a coupla pic from the garage...

and there's a cute little bench that fits in that space there, eep!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FO let-down

Does this ever happen to you... get an idea, sketch it up, work like crazy for several days to get it done, hand off the FO to the intended recipient (happy dance and a few tears) then for a couple of days afterward you feel wiped out?  Yeah, me too. 

Or maybe it's just the new IC meds I'm taking...I prefer to think it's just the FO let-down...sounds way better doesn't it?  Way better than, so, I'm taking another couple of drugs every day and they're making me feel like crap...when they're supposed to be making me feel better. It sucks getting older.

So, here is my finished project, for a special friend who has a bad thing staring her in the face.
Making this piece made me feel better, like I was actually doing something for her.  Even though, in reality, I can do nothing. 
Rena, life really isn't it?

LittleDog says hey!

Go create something nice for someone you know who could use a hug.  They'll appreciate it.

Have a great day!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Would YOU go back...

and fix this hole in this cable?  See it there in the middle of the photo?  GAH!!!!!  How did I not see that sooner?  I'd have to go back 12 rows to fix it...12 rows times 400+ stitches.  I'm thinking it's gonna stay there.  Cameron isn't going to notice a hole in one of his cables, is he?  I think not!  I couldn't believe it when I noticed it last night.  What the hell was I doing that I would make a hole in the middle of a cable like that?  I did a k2tog, ssk right in the middle of the freakin cable!  Must have been watching NCIS and not paying attention again.  sigh

On a more positive note...the weather here was beautiful again today.  The dogs were enjoying some fresh air so and I decided it would be a good time to snap a few new photos of the little critters.
 Max is looking like a lion...time for a trip to the groomer.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Busy Bee... what I've been this past week.  I had a wonderful Saturday road trip with Rena.  We drove down to Kalamazoo to see our friend Kim.  We had a fabulous lunch at Zooroona then followed it up with coffee and knitting at the nicest coffee shop I've been in - ever!

I finished two books in the past week...The Help, which I was listening to on my mp3, downloaded from and The Long Fall.  Two very good reads.

I got some bad news about a friend last week and spent a couple days trying to figure out something I could do to comfort her.  Finally came up with a good plan and have been working hard to get it done this week.  Now all I need is a batting and I can rock on the finishing.  Trying to decide if I should hand tie it or machine quilt it...any opinions?  Here's a hint at what it looks like...
 ...a tall man is handy to have around the house, LOL.

The dogs have been ecstatic about the nice weather we've had the past few days.  Me too!  And even though I don't like switching to daylight savings time cause my body clock gets messed up I do love the extra daylight after work in the evening.

Hair cut tomorrow night.

Friday night is knitting at Panera with some friends...hopefully I'll make some good progress on Cameron's Blankie.  I only have about 3 1/2 weeks to get it done.  eek!  While I'm there I think I'll stock up on the Cinnamon Crunch bagels, and some hazelnut cream cheese, yummy.

Anybody else enjoying the nice weather?

LittleDog says hey!  Have a great day.
 ETA:  In recognition of National Quilters Day tomorrow I've linked up with Andrea's Blog for Fiber Arts Friday.  Go check out the other folks that are participating and say hey!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Golden Woman

just because I know you haven't seen enough of this piece...
and this...
I'm still working on Cameron's Blankie, I have about 20 rows left with 4 weeks til B-Day.  I think I'm gonna make it!  The blankie is killing my arms though, ugh.  I'm just not a fan of the large objects I guess.

The Saint and I enjoyed a nice dinner at our local Mex Restaurant.  While there I saw an interesting bottle of tequila.  Have I mentioned that I like tequila?  Couple a times maybe?  LOL  Next trip in there I'll have to try it.  I'll let you know how it is.  Anybody else like tequila?  And not just in a margarita either...I like to sip it sometimes...makes you all toasty inside.

The Saint's elbow is progressing nicely.  He's been to physical therapy a couple of times and he says it's feeling much better.  Thank goodness!  You'd think he broke his arm the way he complains about it!  Why are men such babies?  Really!

We're getting some rain here today, the snow is all gone and it's been up in the 50s the past few days...maybe spring is really coming to W Mi.  The Saint even cranked up the smoker on Sunday...yummy! 
I'm off on another road trip this weekend, in search of yarn and another vintage sewing machine.  Can't resist a good deal and a chance to see a good friend.  Everybody have a great weekend.  I'll see ya on Sunday!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dr says it's tennis elbow

pay no attention to the fake grimace and the gigantor splint - he's gonna be a case of tennis elbow, despite the fact that he hasn't been anywhere near a tennis racket, LOL

I've been busy cleaning up "Jill" my new green Zig Zag machine and got her running like a top and in her place at the sewing table.  Now to actually get some sewing done...

Yeah, that'll be after I give LittleDog and Sam a bath and get a few more rows done on Cameron's blankie.  I have to hurry with the blankie cause he's gonna be here in just about 3 weeks.  Each row of the blankie is taking for-e-vah cause it's up to about 360 stitches every time around now.  It's looking nice though, here's a pretty good look at 1/4 section of it.

I ordered some nice yarn last week in Steel Cut Oats color so I can make The Saint a pair of nice warm socks...of course by the time I get to making them it'll probably be too warm to wear them.  They'll be good next fall though when it's time for hunting again.

And our grandson has become a wrestler.

Ain't he cute?!

I'd like to say have a great week and thanks for leaving comments on my blog to a few loyal readers...
Channon, Grace, Lisa, Nichole, Andrea, Kim, Karen and are all awesome!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A medal for my effort

Ravelympics has come to a close and I succeeded with my project.

My Golden Woman is on the blocking board where she'll stay one more day.

And I got this nice medal for doing such a fine job in the time allotted.

I was a proud member of the GoPugYourself team.

There were so many fabulous projects done for this event that it will take me months to get to see them all.  Thank you to everyone for your nice comments, I cannot tell you all how much it means to me that you like my work.