Friday, August 27, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday...8/27/10

Hello peeps!  Thanks so much for your nice comments on my last post.  While I am not freaking out about having surgery, I am a bit concerned about being off some of my meds for a week prior...not gonna be fun, no sir-ree!  And Caryn, great idea on sticking the needle in the bandage, LOL.  The lovely batt is Suri Alpaca from Andrea's Wonder Why Alpaca Farm.  Here's a linky to her Etsy shop where you could purchase some for your very own.  It's so-so soft.

Welcome to another edition of Fiber Arts Friday here and elsewhere.  I've been feverishly working on a sock and a shawl, and reading a pretty good book.  I'm making a bit of progress on all but not getting them done as fast as I'd like to.  I'm thinking I only have a few weeks til I'm out of commission for - I don't know how, I have a stack of books to read and a tv so I think I'll be ok.  It'll be a good opportunity to catch up on my dusting, LOL

So, the shawl is coming along nicely, it's wide enough now that it takes a considerable amount of time to knit a row.

This sock I started just a few days ago, I love the yarn and can't wait to see what the finished sock will look like.  I'm knitting a plain sock although I started it with a picot top, which I love.
The sock yarn is Austermann Step, nice yarn with Aloe, soft to the touch and makes a very nice sock.  I have a pair of turquoise/tan/white striped socks of this same brand of yarn.  And have I mentioned that I love the Knit Picks nickel double points?  Well, I do, a lot!  For some reason using the dpn's doesn't make my hands as sore as the 2 circs method did.  Could be why all the serious sock knitters I've met use dpn's huh?

Do any of you have any favorite podcasts, any subject but especially crafty/fibery ones?  I figured out how to download podcasts and put them on my mp3 player.  Now I can pretend I'm hanging out with my fibery peeps while I'm crunching numbers at work.  Helps the day go faster and amazingly improves my concentration.  Wish I'd figured it out a long time ago...

Here's my next project...
Singer 66, decal set is known as "Red Eye"...she's treadle powered...a good thing when the electric bill was almost $200 again this month...I'll be glad when it cools off for Fall.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

passing the time

I'm wondering what I used to do to pass time before I learned to knit...I'll have to find something by the 17th of September as I will be out of commission for knitting for awhile.  I have to have something removed...
Do you suppose it could be a little alien?bwah-ha-ha-ha

 Seems I have a cyst growing on the nerve of my left index finger.  Doc says it needs to be surgically removed...that means no knitting for me for awhile afterward.  eek!  I'm trying to think of any hobbies that I enjoy that only involve one hand and can't think of a single one.  Oh, wait!  Where's my stack of books?

Saturday was a fun trip to MFF with Kim.  It was great to see my ZPDK friends and pet some nice soft yarns.
I believe Kim may be a little afraid of Holly's needles, LOL 

We saw fiber giving animals
 and some amazing young spinners

I picked up really pretty fiber from Andrea's booth when she wasn't looking, ha!
and brought home a pile o' lovely yarn from several other booths...aren't they nice?
I'm hoping I'll actually get to knit them up some day, sigh

LittleDog has been keepin an eye on things out in the street...keeping us all safe...

these shots make me think of the promo pic for the movie Body Double, hehehe

Have a super-duper week everybody!  Thanks for stoppin by.

Friday, August 20, 2010

learning something new

Welcome back everyone, thank you for coming.  It's great to see so many fibery peeps stopping in to say hey.  Yet another Friday rolls around and it's time for Fiber Arts Friday.  Be sure to stop over and see what Andrea and friends have to show you this week.

I got my Singer 201 back in the cabinet and sewing this week.
 Isn't she a beauty?  Purrs like a kitteh and makes a really nice stitch too.

I'm pretty excited about my estate sale find last Saturday...I went looking for a sewing machine (natch) that they had advertised (like I need another sewing machine) ahem, like I said, I'm cruising around through all the beautiful antique furniture - that I don't have room for in my bungalow - not seeing any evidence of advertised machine...I walk out the door and glance at a box that's sitting on the sidewalk and notice a carding comb...
 hmm, that would be a nice decoration piece in my sewing/yarn storing room...when I get closer to the box I see some thick/thin yarn wound around a spool...a wheel...and a bunch of other miscellaneous parts that I didn't know the names of.  A piece of masking tape said $18 but a big sign by the door said 1/2 off all small items.  I had to walk back in and ask if that box qualified as a small item...yep, it did so for $9 I got a nice old carding comb and a bunch of pieces of a spinning wheel.
 After attempting to assemble the pieces with the main one upside down, it wasn't making any sense...then something told me to turn it over and voila! all those pieces made a bit more sense.
I threw a couple pictures up on a group I belong to on Ravelry, got a bit more info and also found a great website with illustrations showing the pieces and their names and how they should be assembled.  The wheel appears to be very old.  A few parts seem to be replacements as they are a different style than the rest and one of the "maidens" is broken.

Thankfully one of my contacts in the ZPDK knew of someone that refurbishes old wheels and makes replacement parts.  I'll be taking the wheel down to MFF on Saturday so the ZPDKs can all check it out and give their opinion.  Then shop for some fiber to spin on my new fishy spindle that Shannon made.

Learning new things has always been exciting for me, no matter what the subject, eh, except all the new stuff I'm having to learn at work.  This spinning wheel stuff did not disappoint!

Here's wishing you learn something new this week too!

LittleDog has learned that if you lie real still, you won't get so hot...

when it's hot and your person doesn't want to turn on the a/c...pitiful isn't he?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Finished Quilt

Happy Fiber Arts Friday everyone!  Thank you so much for coming to see my work and be a part of my life.  I started this post last night so I could be sure and get it posted early this morning.  I know some of you are early risers like me...

8/12/10:  It is 11:12pm and I just finished stitching down the binding and the quilt signed and photographed.  Tomorrow when there is better light I'll take better photographs but for now here it is.

with the original photo

here's a close-up of the "sprigs of grass"
and all rolled up you can see the back and all the little doggies

I truly enjoyed this project.  I hope the recipient enjoys it too.
Have a great weekend and be sure to do something fibery!

Friday, August 6, 2010

August already

The summer has flown past and my thoughts are turning to autumn with its cool breezes and crispy favorite time of year.  It's when we can buy collards by the 5 lb sack at the Farmer's Market and eat tomatoes fresh from our own vines.  This year's tomato plant is an heirloom variety that turns a pretty shade of orange when ripe.  I can hardly wait to taste the first one with some mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar.  
And, the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan.  It's the weekend of August 20-22 and I can hardly wait to get down there and see what all my fibery friends have in their booths.  I know at least 3 fiberistas who will be plying their wares in the barns this year.  Rita from Yarn Hollow, Rachel from Counting Sheep Farm and Andrea from Wonder Why Alpaca Farm.  I'll be looking for that special something that one of them is sure to have.

Autumn also means we'll be able to sit on the deck in the evening and not have our behinds stuck to the chairs when we get up.  Wearing shoes & socks again, something I cannot stand once the temperature gets up past 75.  I'll make an attempt to finish the Big Ass Sweater...anybody remember that project?  I haven't touched it in months.  Knitting on it is a cold weather activity, much like wearing an afghan, LOL.

There are many reasons to look forward to autumn in my opinion.  I'm sad to see the summer months fly by but I will not miss the endless run of miserably hot and humid weather we've had this year.  I'd like to order some 72 and sunny weather for the next few weeks but that would be asking too much according to the forecast.

My fibery offering this week is a little sock I made for my Zen. I think it's cute.

  And some quilt stitching...up close...
 I also wanted to show you this pretty vase I picked up for a dollar at a yard sale last weekend.
 I do enjoy some cut glass for storing my knitting needles and other long pointy things.  So pretty.

And some crazy dogs...LittleDog thinks he is so tuff.  I missed the part when he was taunting Sam by giving him the stink-eye and jiggling his tail really fast.  Maybe next time...they do this stuff every day.

Thank you so much for coming, I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Be sure to check out my friends who also celebrate Fiber Arts Friday.