Friday, November 26, 2010

After turkey FAF 11 26 10

I'm assuming that if you're reading this post you've survived turkey day and whatever other activities you've gotten yourself into this past week.  After eating 2 different turkey dinners yesterday I've had quite enough thank you.  I've spent the morning catching up on the 3 episodes of Luther that I recorded and am finally sipping the coffee that I made about 2 hours ago and have re-heated in the microwave at least twice, ugh.  Seems we've had a bit of a TV adventure around Chez B today that hasn't gone so well...

I've been a busy little spinner this past week and I'd reached the point of toe decreases on my red sock when I saw that I messed up about 10 rows back so am in the middle of a bit of tinking, drat!  The handspun is very pretty though, Andrea's beautiful Suri/Alpaca roving is turning into some magnificent yarn.  See for yourself...

I've also got a bump of her Rum Brown/English Garden that I'll spin next. I'm thinking about plying them together and making a keyhole scarf with the resulting plied yarn.  Just a thought.

The black beret is blocked and here's a photo of the hat on Blue Lady.

I believe I'd like it a bit bigger in the lace area and smaller in the band.  Since it is such a quick and fun knit I'll be casting on another quite soon.

I've been reading the latest issue of Spin-Off, a dangerous magazine I feel, in light of the fact that it so blatantly encourages you to look at pretty spinning wheels and things.  I love the Kromski Sonata and Kromski Minstrel but then there is the Lendrum Folding Wheel  but for it's beautiful lines I like the Ashford Traditional.  I might have to go try out some spinning wheels one of these days.  Or perhaps I should just get in touch with Dave the Alpaca Barber and have him refurbish my $9 special.  All I really need a wheel for at this point will be plying the yarns I can spin on my drop spindle.  I would think the old wheel could handle that job.  It would also be in keeping with my vintage tool obsession.  So many options...

I tried out a new crochet pattern I found for a MaryJane slipper, it didn't seem to have much substance so I decided I'd measure it up good, felt it, then figure out how much bigger I'd need to make one so, after felting, it would fit my foot.  Here's what I ended up with  thanks to some turkey day felting by Rena
 now for more measuring and a bit of mathematics.

You can see more exciting fibery things by clicking through to Andrea's blog...Wisdom Begins In Wonder and checking out the other participants in Fiber Arts Friday.

LittleDog would wish you all a Happy Friday but he's too busy hogging my new to me (CL $15) knitting chair...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday 11 19 10

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!  Be sure to check out the great artists from around the globe who participate in this great collective.

Here's a funny little video for your enjoyment, it was created by Franklin Habit...creator of one of my favorite it at least twice, it's way funnier the second time...

In addition to the blogs of the folks who participate in Fiber Arts Friday over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder I've been cruising through my Bloglines (and have to rejoice that they've decided not to shut it down).  It's like catching up with old friends you haven't seen in a while.  Ever since I stopped checking Bloglines (because, as stated earlier, they were shutting it down) I feel like I've lost touch with my peeps.  Not sure why but the blog subscription thingy here on Blogger just doesn't work out well for me.

Here are my favs of the week...

The Daily Puglet
 Frolic Blog
Tanya Brown's Blog
Tacky Living
Miss Print
Brooklyn Tweed
Posie Gets Cozy
Oh Fransson!

Hopefully you'll find something that makes you smile in one or more of these blogs.

There has been knitting here...
almost finished with the heel flap on the second of my red Summer Sox.
I wound my hand dyed yarn from the fun day at Heidi's.

and I picked up my new glasses, whatchu think about them?
Something different for me, I've never done a square-ish frame before...mostly stick with the round-ish type.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you all have a great weekend.  I'll be scrubbing up a wing-back chair I got on CL for 15 bucks.  It'll make a perfect knitting chair if I can get the cat dander out of it.  Until then, it has to stay in the garage...ugh.  I like cats but my lungs don't!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday 11 12 10

Welcome to this week's installment of Fiber Arts Friday.   A weekly gathering of fiber enthusiasts from around the world.  Hop over to Wisdom Begins In Wonder and check out all the great things that they are teaching and learning about.

On Sunday I drove south for a gathering with my ZPDK peeps from down Battle Creek/Kalamazoo way and had a great time.

We knit
and wound
 and dyed
all over Heidi's old church-house.  Could not have been a better day.  Such a great bunch of crafty folks who share so much of each other and their fibery endeavors.  It's an honor and a privilege to be a part of this group a couple times a year.

I got more of Andrea's pretty fiber - the one on the top in this photo is 70% Suri-Wonderz White, 30% Merino Lavender...super soft and pictured here above my previous purchase from her, for color comparison.
and a couple of batts or pretty red-orange-brown-sparkly from Heidi too
I'm so happy with the pretty yarn I dyed
and best of all...I got to hang out with my friend Kim.  Oh, and I got my official ZPDK Shovel.    

 Bring on the zombies!  mwah-ha-ha!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Dyed...yarn

The red and green skeins, lower right, are mine.  It was great fun, as always, hanging out with my ZPDK friends.  Yarn dyeing is loads of fun.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday 11 5 10

The hand is healing nicely, wanna see?  I didn't think so...still not perfect but getting better every day.  Thank you all so much for asking and sending healing thoughts.

I've been looking forward to this weekend so much since I'll be making a trip to Hickory Corners on Sunday for the ZPDK Gathering.  There will be yarn and fiber and dyeing and spinning, oh, and snacks and drinks along with a great bunch of friends...can't wait to get there!  Andrea from Wonder Why Alpaca Farm will be there spreading her alpaca joy too.  Don't forget to hop over to her blog and check out the folks who participate in Fiber Arts Friday.

I picked up a herd of machines last week so I'll show you those and then we'll top this post off with a look at how much progress has been made on the Black Beret despite my less than fully functional left hand.
So here are the machines...

National Rotary - I love the decals on this one, she'll look really nice once she's all shiney

 Kenmore 158.510 - sturdy, lots of attachments and cams for making fancy stitches
 Domestic Rotary - nothing fancy but could be a work horse in the future, I like it for its simplicity
 Nelco 1603 - 60s era Japanese clone - needs a needle plate but I love all the knobs and stuff on these type machines.  This type machine always makes me think of cars from the same era with all the chrome and knobs.
 Finally got the top to my sewing stool re-upholstered
and my beret so far.  It's getting cabley!  I love this pattern.

If you enjoy great music check out NPRs Tiny Desk Concerts podcast.  There are not enough hours of the day when I run across things like this.

Have a great weekend!