Friday, December 31, 2010

Good-bye 2010 and good riddance!

Happy New Year everybody! 

Let's party hearty and get 2011 started with some positive momentum. 

I have so many things to be thankful for...

The Saint,

awesome children,
 and grandchildren

crazy dogs
and another fun hobby
 too perfect. 

Come along on the journey this should be fun and interesting and challenging...I'm always up for a challenge. 

And be sure to visit my other fibery friends who post for Fiber Arts Friday over on Andrea's blog.  You never know what you'll learn from them.

Let's rock 2011!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

and then comes the plying

LittleDog says it's a good day for chillin in the chair...

Happy New Year everybody!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spinnin my life away...

and lovin it!

Hope you're having a great week too!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Spinning Squeel

Happy Holidays everyone!

I gave myself a little gift...
it came with lots of accessories...
I hope I can find some time to practice on her this weekend.  She is lovely and has been well taken care of.
LittleDog likes her too, he's been giving her some serious sniffs since she arrived.  And has decided he needs to guard her from harm.

The scarves I promised two little girls are finished.  I hope they like them.

The Scrunchable Scarf

  Keyhole Scarf
Happy Fiber Arts Friday too.  There might be a giveaway at that linky...just sayin.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My head is spinning...

with all that I've experienced in the past week.  There was the upheaval at work, then the Woodland Weavers & Spinners Sale on Saturday and knitting at Urban Mill last night and I have spinning to look forward to on Sunday.  Mix in some holiday, of course...and I's been an awesome week.

Yummy BFL and Romney (notice the sparkly Firestar?) and some fragrant soap arrived in my mailbox this week from Counting Sheep Farm
I've been knitting a scarf for a little friend - Scrunchable Scarf - super simple, in Berroco Softwist...not crazy about the yarn as the little bit of shiny that is wrapped around the main yarn keeps snagging on things.  It is drapey like silk though and oh-so-soft
Now that I've found the joy of mp3 audio from my yarn is slowly replacing my books in the office.  I've been slowly purchasing KIS shoe storage boxes for my yarn and fiber.  I wanted to be able to see what I have stashed to remind myself that I need to knit/spin faster/more.  Plus, I bought all this stuff because it was pretty and I want to be able to see the pretty every single day. 

That thick book there above the green and red yarn...that's my new copy of Alden Amos' Big Book of Handspinning...
I got it for a steal from Amazon, used, $18.00...does it look used to you?  The binding still crackles when you open it.

Yesterday lunch was spent on a trip to see a guy about making a new maiden for my estate sale spinning wheel.  He had some beautiful turned wood pieces and we got to talking about the possibility of him making drop spindles and yarn bowls...I could have talked with him for hours but I had to get back to work, dangit.  Anyway, he's got an Etsy shop with some of his stuff for sale you should check it out.  Matt's a really nice guy and his stuff is cool.

The holiday music is playing and the animals are all konked out...

Thanks so much for spending a few minutes here, I really do appreciate each one of you.  There are other fiber artists who'd love to show and tell you what they've been up to this past week.  Be sure to check out Fiber Arts Friday over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder.

Friday, December 10, 2010

FAF 12 10 10

Hello!  Hope you've had a great week.  Mine's been a little crazy but it's almost over and on Monday we'll get to start again.   Isn't that great?! 

Visit all the wonderfully creative folks on the Fiber Arts Friday post at Andrea's blog.

I've been super fibery this past week...a trip to Yarn Hollow on Saturday, spinning at Biggby on Sunday, knitting every day on the Keyhole scarf and swatching for a secret project with black yarn on size 2 needles, yikes! 

Below you will find an illustration of how different a project can look when you change the lighting.

The photo on the right best represents the true color of the scarf...interesting the difference though isn't it?
As you can see, I'm almost finished...just a few more rows and I'll be able to bind off and hide those terrible size 17s...hopefully, for-eh-vah!  LOL

The spinning of the white and lavender Suri is finished.  I present for your approval 4 oz spun on my Zebra Fish spindle that Spinsanity made.  It was a little tricky getting that last ounce on there but I did it!  

Next little project is the green Corriedale/Silk Noil called Frosted Pines that I picked up at the Yarn Hollow Open House Sale.  It makes me think of Christmas and I need all the help in the holiday cheer department I can get.

And 3.5 oz of 100% Merino called Thistle Berry.

and aren't these the sweetest tags?

There has been a lot of lazing around lately...

I think we need some exercise...