Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday 01 07 11

Another week has flown by and here we are again for another Fiber Arts Friday.   I know I'll see great fibery things over at Andrea's.  Have you checked them out yet?  There are some really crafty folks posting over there on Fridays.

I've been spinning...see the pretty yarn I made?

and knitting and watching spinning videos.

I've been contemplating working on The Big Ass Sweater again.  Wish me luck.  I'd like to get it done while the weather is still cold enough for him to be able to wear it for at least 5 minutes this year.  Alpaca can keep you nice and toasty-warm.

I've added a new tool to my collection this week.  This nice beaded orifice hook I purchased on eBay from Goodman Goods.  There are other interesting items in that store, I'll probably visit her again.
While I was awaiting its arrival I made one to get by, out of a piece of coat hanger wire

I don't think it looks too bad, do you? LOL  Sometimes looks aren't everything when you're trying to pull fiber through an orifice.  A crochet hook just doesn't get the job done well.

Have a great weekend.  We're bracing for snowmagedden part 3 this weekend, LOL.  Don't you love how those meteorologists are always so melodramatic about the forecasting of snow.  We live in Michigan!  It's supposed to snow...a lot!  Don't they remember the old Michigan motto?  Winter Wonderland!  Hope you all stay safe and warm.

For some great pug humor check out The Daily Puglet.


WonderWhyGal said...

I was hoping for a snow day today. If the kids were home then I could have a fiber play day and not work on my taxes. Argh! Now I have to spend the morning in the dungeon.

Your spinning is amazing! How do you like using the DVD's for help? I don't do to well with those or youtube and I am trying to do better. I always have way too many questions. It's that darn Wonder Why Syndrome.

The orifice hook you bought is beautiful and the one you made is great. Keep that as a back up. I was fortunate and each of my wheels came with one. I am debating about taking a beading class with Melissa Powers at Your Local Yarn Shop this Winter because her beaded creation would make a rock star decorative orifice hook handle. Argh! Decisions.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

Dawn said...

Your yarn is absolutely gorgeous! And I love your beaded orifice hook too! I agree with WonderWhyGal that you should keep the one you made as a backup.

Stay safe and warm in the snow! I have to laugh at the meteorologists too! "We're going to have the snowstorm of the century!" Uh, we don't live in Georgia...we live in Michigan! {rolls eyes} LOL!

Loco Lindy said...

I love the hook you found! Cheerful tools like that make me even happier to spin (if that's possible!) That big ass sweater looks really daunting, you are brave!

Dutch Hollow said...

Good luck tackling the sweater again. Winter just started, you should have some time left :)

I love your yarn! Colored yarns in the winter are the best. Helps keep things bright until spring flowers come back.

Nichole said...

ooohhh... ahh.... such purty yarn!!! Love it!

Ellen said...

Beautiful yarn!
I've spending this snowy morning reading everyone's Fiber Arts Friday posts.
I better get offline and do some knitting now!
Have a great weekend.

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

I lived in Michigan many years ago,first outside of Detroit in Dearborn Heights,then later in Dexter near Ann Arbor. I loved up there,I loved the snow. Now further south,we get snow but not like you all do.
I also enjoy watching people who spin fibers into cool. I knit a little,very little. But I am a addicted crafter of felt.
I look forward to future visits and peeks into life up north!

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Snow crazy around here too (Minnesota) - at this point I think I'd be more surprised if it didn't snow that when it actually does!
Love your yarn - fantastic bright colors.

Alpaca Meadows said...

Love the bright colors in the yarn you are spinning! Stop by and visit...I have posted a Free pattern today...and have a great weekend!

Kathryn Ray said...

Both of your hooks are awesome. Mine is bleh. It works, but I don't need to use it very often.

As someone who is also deep in the midst of a sweater, I say "knit on good woman, knit on." ;-)

Melissa Plank said...

Pretty spinning, LOVE the colors! I love the orifice hook that you made, it's very artful!

Sam Attal said...

Wow! You have just taken off on your wheel. Very nice colorful yarn. Tamara

jessecreations said...

Your yarn is lovely!

I like the orifice hook, too. Mine is currently missing, as my son likes to steal it and hide it. I'm using a crochet hook, but like you said that's not really the right tool for the job. Oh well. :)