Friday, October 21, 2011

Wash Day Contest

What does your handknit wash day look like?

Leave a comment telling me about it or a link to a photo of your freshly washed you wash them; hand, machine and what type of soap you use, etc.  We'll have a little contest.  Random drawing from all the comments posted by midnight Thursday, October 27th, 2011.  Winner gets a skein of my handspun yarn and a little surprise to go with it.  If someone says you sent them over, you'll get an additional entry.

Here's a little skein I wound up last night.  Brings to mind snow on a spruce don't you think?  click photo to biggie-size it

I've been spinning directly off combs this week.  Jacob fleece.  Love this technique, learned it from Beth Smith of The Spinning Loft at Michigan Fiber Festival.  I find it amazing how different the singles look when spun in this fashion.  Not only does it appear loftier than when spinning from a batt but it is also practically nep free!  No joke, though, it's a lot of work...all that combing.  I drape a rectangle of vinyl across my lap to protect my clothing (and skin) from the comb tips...they are deadly sharp!

Looks something like this but you'll have to use your imagination a bit and add a drafting hand that during the pic is holding the camera...ignoring the jammies and slippers and dog butt.
Working hard at spinning a bit thicker single in the hope that I'd end up with a nice worsted weight that I could knit a sweater with.

Isn't it amazing how you can get motivated to do things with heavier weight yarn when the weather cools off?  It's certainly feeling like late fall here in West Michigan.  The heat was actually turned on here yesterday morning...The Saint was asking in a rather plaintive way Wednesday how long I was going to hold out before I turned it on.  When I went to the basement yesterday morning for something and it was warmer down there than in the main part of the house I figured it was time.  Are any of you still holding out?  I remember reading a funny post by Stephanie a few years back about the contest she has with her family to see who can hold out the longest.  It made me laugh.

For those of you that are fans of LittleDog here's his favorite blog.  Check it out if you like pugs, great photography and a good laugh.

Thanks so much for visiting.  Good luck with the contest.  Remember to visit the crafty peeps over on Andrea's blog.  They faithfully post for Fiber Arts Friday and I get some great inspiration from them all.  Have a great weekend!  I'll be hanging with my BFF Paula down at the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo on Saturday.  Maybe I'll see ya!


Lynn Sponagle said...

I use shampoo, warm water, never wring ... roll in towel and stand on it .. then lay flat to dry.

pinkundine said...

I use Euaclan (I don't think I spelled that right!) and warm water, roll in towel and lay over the heater/radiator. Currently it's mostly socks, which are supposed to be machine washable, but I don't trust my washing machine!

Snow on spruce is the perfect description of that yarn, so pretty :)

Heather Woollove said...

Well, I just have to say that my mouth is watering at the sight of all of your beautiful handmade things, hanging to dry!!!
The joy of felted items is that they were made with heat and hot caring for them only requires a cold water/mild soap wash and hanging to dry. Now as for my recent gifts from knitters...I'm sure when they get soiled, I will be consulting this encyclopedic list for tips!! :)

Vivian said...

I hand wash all my hand knits, except for socks. Socks get thrown in regular wash in the machine (put them in a little laundry bag if I remember), and I pick them out of the wet pile and lay flat to dry. Occasionally they end up in the dryer and they all survived.

For garments and blankets, I soak them in the sink, cold water, regular detergent, but sometimes for the tender fibers, like cashmere, I use shampoo. Some conditioner in the rinse always make them softer. Lay flat to dry on a big towel or sheet. A few minutes of tumble in the dryer fluff them up after they are dry.

Voie de Vie said...

Ok, I think Little Dog has great taste in blogs - that site is way too funny!

I soak my scarves and shawls in cool water with a little Method hand soap (very gentle and environmentally friendly), then squeeze out the excess water after rinsing, then roll in a towel, lay flat, reshape and let air dry.

Most of my blankets are machine washable and dryable, and the cotton ones just keep getting softer.

I like your laundry drying photo. :)

Alittlebitsheepish said...

That's funny, I washed a big pile of handknit socks this week, using soak in the bath tub, spun in a salad spinner then dried on an airer in front of the fire. I will come back and link a photo when I post one on my blog

Marushka C. said...

I use a little Soak wool wash in a dishpan of lukewarm water for practically all my hand knits. The super wash socks go into a mesh bag and then into a cold water washing machine load, then dry on a table.

Spinster Beth said...

That big dog all curled up tight on his rug is very cute :). Isn't it funny how they manage to make themselves so small?

I haven't tried spinning from a comb ... but then, I don't have a comb!

WonderWhyGal said...

ooooh, one day I hope to have a rack full of handknit socks like yours.

My handwash day is pretty simple. I have a lingerie bag that all of my socks go in. They do go in the washer on cold with the rest of my clothes then they air dry over the edge of my bed. Not very exciting but the socks are doing good this way.

Andria said...

For washing I just put everything in the machine on the "wool" cycle with cool water and a little bit of Fairy soap. Then air dry on the drying rack. In fact, I just washed a load of baby sweaters my MIL made when my girls were first born (uhm, 5 years ago), now I'm packing them up for storage. I've left them hanging for a week now though, because they are so small and adorable. I LOVE your green yarn, it is gorgeous.

Kathryn Ray said...

I love all of your socks! That's an awesome photo.

I told Hubba last night that he had to hand-wash his new socks. He told me I was crazy if I thought he would do that. lol. They're super-wash, so we'll see how they do.

I don't do a whole lot of hand-washing, but when I do it's a soak and rinse in the sink, a squeeze in a rolled up towel and then dry flat on the guest bed.

Stardust B. said...

I have a tiny, tiny apartment in the city. When I wash my knits, I do it very gently in the sink and then take up all of the floor space to lay them flat.

I just think of them as pretty carpets that you can't step on :)