Friday, December 28, 2012

FAF 12 28 12

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I got to see my granddaughter play basketball last week...
that's her at the free-throw line. She's the tallest on the JV team and she's only 14!

I missed posting last week in the flurry of activity that led up to Christmas. Work was crazy busy and I was frantically knitting a couple of gifts. I managed to get two hats done for my son and DIL...
and finished the yoga socks I was knitting. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the finished socks. I'll have to have Tammy take one when she wears them.

There was yummy food on Christmas Eve, chicken enchilada casserole and ribs...
we had to set up the long table (actually two tables)

even Little Winnie came and celebrated with us (he got some ribs too).

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing what all of you have created lately. Have a great weekend and a Happy New Year! I gotta get back to my new toy...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Only a few more sleeps...

until the holiday festivities are in full swing.  (all pics can be biggie-sized by clicking on them)

Happy Fiber Arts Friday! Be sure to visit Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see what other creative folks are up to this week.

I've been a busy bee; Knitting...
I really enjoyed knitting this hat. You do a provisional crochet cast-on, then knit 25 rows of stockinette in the background color.  Purl 1 row for the fold then knit 25 rows of the two-color chart. Pick up the stitches of the provisional cast-on and a 3 needle operation that knits the liner to the outer part then continue with the rest of the hat. The double thickness keeps ears nice and toasty. I've used this technique to make a picot edge on several pair of socks and it works great. Gotta tell you, it's a lot easier knitting this way on size 8 than it is on size 1 needles.

I took a few pics while I was doing it...

You put your right needle through both front and back needles in left hand then pull the loop through both stitches so they're connected, like a 3 needle bind-off without the binding off part. It's like magic!                                                          
This also covers the larger floats in the skull area of the colorwork. Hopefully, you'll find a use for this technique some day, if you haven't already. LittleDog wasn't very happy because he couldn't sit on me while I was doing it. He did get a few opportunities this week to get a good rub from The Saint though...
Sewing...and you know he had to do his Captain Morgan pose in his new jammies...

and shopping the internets.

Most gifty things are taken care of. There is a pair of sock-type-things being knit...
and I need to come up with a son-in-law gift...I haven't had a genius idea about that yet. It's going to be hard to beat the Swamp People t-shirt I got him last year.

Thank you for stopping in. Have a great weekend!

Friday, December 7, 2012

FAF 12 07 12

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It's been pretty busy around here this week. I've gotten over my Serenity-Blanket-is-finished let-down and gotten started on a new hat for someone special for Christmas. I enjoy colorwork.
Pattern: Skull Hat
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needle: US 7 & US 8
Provisional cast on

Since I had a day off on Wednesday I had time to get a couple pair of Pajammy pants mostly done for The Saint. He likes fun fabrics...

I'm wishing we would get some real winter weather. I have so much knitwear that I could employ if it would get and stay cold outside. It's a bit much when the temperature is 60F though.

Winston has enjoyed his no-holds-barred diet the past week. The vet said to give him anything he'll eat so he's been livin large in the food department. Val posted a link to a Daily Puglet post that I thought said it best. (get your hankies handy) It'd been awhile since I read it before and it was good a good reminder. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. We appreciate them so much.

I finished a little pink scarf for this cutie last week...
Isn't Evelyn adorable? She's the daughter of my co-worker Angie. Thanks to her for taking this pic.

I hope you all have a great weekend and that you get to spend some time enjoying some fiber activities. Now I've got a few more seams to sew...

Friday, November 30, 2012

Serenity is blocked and ready for gifting...

I had hoped to have this ready for the Friday-after-Thanksgiving post but I just couldn't get to it. Sorry for the delay, I hope it is worth the wait...

Pattern: Serenity Blanket
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash, 5 skeins
Needle:  US 7

(click on the photos to make them bigger if you'd like)

The photo at the top shows the best representation of the color of the blanket. It's tough to get a good pic in the winter.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday everyone! If you'd like to see more pretty handmade things jump over to Wisdom Begins In Wonder and check out the folks that participate in the blog circus there.

If you have some extra good juju laying around could you please send it this way. Our little grand-dog Winston was diagnosed with lymphoma yesterday and we're all hoping for some kind of a miracle for him. Thanks for any thoughts you could send his way. We all love him very much.
Thank you for stopping by. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Russian Join and a finished blankie

I love the Russian is so simple, non-spitty (like a spit splice) and holds your ends together quite nicely. Next time you need to add more yarn for the project you're working on, give it a try. Mine was not too pretty but you can't really see it in among all the cables.
In answer to a few of your questions from last week...

Nichole, I could not leave my dogs outside after the skunking but, if I had, my house wouldn't have smelled so badly and I wouldn't have had to do load after load of laundry for a week.
Tamara, yes, they're cute but oh man the stink outweighed the cute for a few days.
Kathryn, I'd have to say I'd rather smell a skunk than a rotten egg, ew!
Beth, you made me laugh out loud, thank you for that. I really needed that laugh.
Andrea, all my fibery stuffs are in containers and at the opposite end of the house. They all survived.
Katie, skunk is also a smell you can taste...ugh
and Denise, I immediately heard Lynard Skynard singing.
Thank you all for the kind and supportive words. We've survived another week and today the peeps came and cleaned our air ducts. The bad smell is less everyday.

I've been busy knitting. The blanket is finished and needs to be blocked then gifted. I'm so happy to have it finished. I bound off 636 sts over two nights. I only wish I had bound off purl-wise as I think that would have looked better. Maybe I'll remember on the next one, hahahahaha!

Teaser pics for now. More after blocking.

What have you all been working on? I'm looking forward to seeing it in the Fiber Arts Friday posts.
Be sure to check out the other fibery peeps on Andrea's blog, Wisdom Begins In Wonder.
Sorry, can't pose now, I'm busy sleeping. Love, LittleDog

Friday, November 9, 2012

We've been skunked!

Ugh. What a nightmare. Last Saturday night LittleDog and Sam went out to potty after dark and got hit by a skunk. It was seriously scary for LittleDog as he has a few (common to Pug) breathing issues. He got a direct hit to the face. When he came in the house he was in full foam and gasping for air. What has followed has been an endless amount of laundry, baths, more laundry, furnace filter changes and more laundry.

If you have dogs and there are any skunks residing in your area please get a supply of Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover and some Fresh Wave. Between these two things I am able to breath for the most part.  The faint scent will linger for weeks, I'm sure, but it's not as bad as it was. They got hit late on Saturday evening and I had no idea what I would need to clean them up. The remedy that the emergency vet's receptionist imparted was a bit helpful but only served to get me smelling skunky too.

Do not wash your dog without rubber gloves, do not let your dog stay in the house the night after he's been skunked and do not let your dog get skunked during a time of the year when the heat is on...

You're very welcome from the terrible twosome.

Have a great weekend! We're looking forward to warmer temps so we can open up this stinky house. Don't forget to check out the Fiber Arts Friday posts over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder.

Friday, October 26, 2012

FAF 10/26/12

Hello! Welcome to this week's Fiber Arts Friday post. If you'd like to see more fibery stuff when you're done here you should jump on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder and check out the folks that participate in this fun blog circus each Friday.

This week's knitting has been pretty sporadic but I have managed to make great progress on my first toe-up sweet tomato heel sock...
I had knit a 3rd wedge for the heel and decided that it was too much so tinked back to what you see in this photo...2 wedges. Now I'll knit half a wedge and start the leg.  I'm like it so far.

I also checked into my flickr account for the first time in awhile and found a cute pic of LittleDog with our Granddaughter, Jasmine from some time last year. You can see it in the post previous to this one. I was having difficulty figuring out how to post a pic from flickr to my Blogger account so it ended up being all alone on the blog instead of a part of this post. Learn something new every day.

I'm looking forward to a little road trip with The Saint tomorrow. It's too late to see the pretty leaves but it will still be nice to get out of the city for a few hours.  Have a great weekend.

LittleDog isn't thrilled about our road trip since he won't be going along...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pass the peanuts and CrackerJack

The Tigers are going to the World Series! and we couldn't be happier.  What a great ALCS.

Baseball is a great sport to knit to. You only have to look up every once in a while to see what's going on.

I've got the foot done on a toe-up sock I started last weekend. I'm really liking the color of the yarn and it is super soft. Cascade Heritage sock yarn.
The Saint and I have gotten hooked on a few PBS shows the last few weeks. Doc Martin, Call the Midwife and Upstairs/Downstairs. How did we not see these shows the first time they were on? I think I'm going to have to get a Hulu account soon. LOL  What are your favorite shows these days?

I'm off to the salt mines in a few minutes, hoping it's not a super-long, super-ridiculous day. With a bit of luck I'll make it to the 7:00pm jewelry party I've been invited to.

Have a great weekend...I'll be spinning at the Mi Alpaca Breeders Assoc Festival on Saturday for a bit.

Be sure to check out all the fiber peeps that post to the blog circus on Wisdom Begins in Wonder.

LittleDog says "may your days end with belly rubs...

Friday, October 12, 2012

FAF 10 12 12

Phew, we've made it to another Fiber Arts Friday. It's been a crazy week for me as I've been trying to get acclimated in my new (yes, I have moved office again at work) workspace. Along with the new space came painters 2 days this week and lots of chaos. Tomorrow we'll be able to push everything back against the walls and have some breathing room in there. I've not been knitting much this week since my neck and shoulder are killing me from the difference in the desk height. Finally got to see the massage therapist today and she said my shoulder felt like solid rock. Guess I'll be seeing her again soon, LOL

I did take a class to learn Cat Bordhi's Sweet Tomato Heel last Saturday. Now that I have one of my Lizard socks...

done I can do a toe-up cast-on for a new sock and try out that heel for realz. Looks super nice and is super heel flap, no gusset. If you'd like to see how it works, here's a video linky. We made tiny heels in class and I finished the wee sock when I got home.
For those of you who missed LittleDog last week here's a couple pics for you.

Have a great week and don't forget to check out the other creative peeps participating in Fiber Arts Friday over at Andrea's blog...Wisdom Begins In Wonder.

Friday, October 5, 2012

FAF 10 05 12

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for stopping by to check it out. Please leave a comment so I'll know you visited. When you're done here if you're interested in seeing more fibery blogs check out Wisdom Begins In Wonder. Andrea has a blog circus of fibery peeps for you to see and enjoy.

I don't remember if I every mentioned that I finished spinning the 4 oz of pink fiber I got from Winding Wool Creek Fiber so here's a photo...
the fiber hanging down in to the right is what I'll be plying with that pink bobbin full.

I got some cute stuff this week, one of which was this bag made by my friend Susan who has a great Etsy shop.
I'm so happy that the sparkly showed up in this photo. This bag is just big enough for all my little tools... crochet hooks, scissors, pencils and stitch markers.

The postal carrier delivered my new calendar...
you can get one here for only $15, proceeds go to the Pug Rescue Network.

Tomorrow I'll be taking a class at A Grand Skein, learning how to do the Sweet Tomato Heel...I'm so excited since it's been years since I took a class.

I'm trying real hard not to buy more supplies but this is tempting me right now...
check out Emily's Etsy shop. She's got some beautiful fiber there. Go check it out.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 28, 2012

FAF 9/28/12

Welcome back! If this is the first time you've visited this blog, thank you for stopping by. Don't forget to leave a comment so I'll know you visited. When you're done here if you're interested in seeing more fibery blogs check out Wisdom Begins In Wonder. Andrea has a blog circus of fibery peeps for you to see and enjoy.

It's been a busy work week but I have managed to knit on  my lunch break 2 days this week. I haven't been able to do that in so long I forgot how much I enjoy it, and how much better it makes my entire day.

The latest sock is progressing nicely, ready to start the heel right now. Looks like this...
and the blankie has grown a bit. The rounds are so many stitches now that I'm not even going to count them. About a week ago I was up to 350 sts on a round and since there are increases ever other round it's considerably more than that now.
In case you don't see my FB posts I spent the weekend breaking in my new Birks...
they're super comfy and got LittleDog approval too.

Have a great week!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Hello fiber peeps! I've been busy with something but not sure what. This week I did play 9 holes of golf with some co-workers...first time in over 10 years. About every 4th swing I saw a bit of what I used to be able to do. I'll be suffering with aches and pains for a few days though. I really should get more exercise ;)
You can see lots more fibery stuffs by visiting the crowd over at Wisdom Begins In Wonder. Tell Andrea hey for me!

There was a nice birthday celebration and I got this fun card...
Last couple of nights I've been knitting on this cute little project for a co-workers little girl. I found a couple skeins of yarn in my stash that worked out just right. Here's what I've got so far...
and I cast on for the next pair of socks...
Art Prize 2012 started this week so I believe I'll get out and see some art this weekend.  What will you be doing? LittleDog even went out to see some art last year...
he told me to tell you he says hey! and don't be thinking you'll see him in a pink tu-tu any time soon.