Friday, March 30, 2012

FAF 3-31-12

Hello! Welcome.

It's great to be back to Friday again, isn't it? I'm happy to say that I've reached the point of having some breathing room at work. That sure makes the rest of life a lot better. Lets the creative thoughts swirl around in my head a bit sure to check out the creativity of all the folks that post to Fiber Arts Friday over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder.

Tomorrow I'll be buying a Mega Millions ticket and hoping for some good luck. Have you ever thought about what you would do if you won $540,000,000? I had to think a minute how many zeros that would be. An amazing amount. What would you do with it?

I would find the largest and best place for all my friends to spin or knit or sew with endless amounts of really tasty treats and perfectly roasted coffee. A place where folks could gather to hone their skills and their friendships. Where they would be surrounded by inspiration and become their most creative. We could invite all the interesting teachers in the world. This is the place I dream of when I give myself the luxury of dreaming. It would be awesome and you would all be invited, every day.

I've been knitting and spinning and sewing this week. Here are the results so far...
2nd sock for Rita at Yarn Hollow

fiber from Emily at Fiber, this is the same fiber that was green in last week's photo. I can't wait to ply it...probably Navajo to keep the color transitions.

I'm working on a muslin for my new summer pants...I'm on version #2 right now, hoping I've got the alterations right this time. Once that part is out of the way the rest is easy.
For those of you that come to see is a look into his daily routine. When I open the door he heads out for his adventure...first he stops on the edge of the deck, surveys his pugdom and barks, once.
then, he sniffs his way around the entire yard

until he finds exactly the right spot...
Now don't you wish you hadn't stayed til the end? LOL
I think his 3 point stance is hilarious!  Thank you for coming and have a great week!


Heather Woollove said...

Oh, Ally...I will be hoping that YOU win! What a wonderful, selfless thing to do with all of that 'filthy lucre'!! :)
(Can we add 'wine' to the available beverages list, too?!?!?)

WonderWhyGal said...

Aw, I love Little Dog. I didn't realize that they poo'd just like Miniature Schnauzers. Too funny.

I am loving the socks you are sampling for Rita. I am really looking forward to seeing her booth this year.

Your bobbin is beautiful. Navajo ply will be gorgeous.

Dutch Hollow Acres said...

ROFL yes I do wish I hadn't stayed til the end. Love the lifting of the back leg.

Dawn said...

Little Dog is too cute! He would have to be included in that wonderful fibery crafty place you will build if you win. :)

The socks are lovely and I can't wait to see the plied yarn. It's going to be gorgeous!

Kathryn Ray said...

Laughing at Little Dog... and you for posting the pic. ;-)

I would love to come to your spinning, sewing coffee house. It sounds lovely. :-)

Voie de Vie said...

Little Dog has provided the laugh of the morning - how hysterical!

I love the colors in the braids you have in your header - very springlike. And that bobbin is going to be wonderful.

I'm with Heather - make certain there's some wine at Craft Central. I would happily help coordinate the logistics of getting everyone there. What fun we would all have.

Anonymous said...

Just love the Little Dog and all his antics. Hope you win.

Vivian said...

You made me think, so I had to write down what I'd do with $640 million (it went up again this morning):

1. I live on a new development that used to be a ranch. I'd buy out all the houses and return to the ranch, then use it as a place where local school children come to learn how to grow stuff.

2. I'd build language schools all over the world -- teach Chinese in America, teach English in China, French in India, Italian in Australia, Spanish in South Africa, Japanese in Columbia. You get the picture.

3. It'll give me an excuse to live in every one of these countries for six months at a time, so I'd know a little more about the place beyond a tourist.

Well, guess there will be some left over for a knitters retreat too.

LittleDog :-) I thought I was the only crazy mom taking these pictures. Bucky sometimes lifted one of the back legs too and I was very tempted to help ;-)

Nichole said...

Poor Little Dog... I think the camera has crossed some boundary there! lol

Spinster Beth said...

If you would, please take a close-up once you have Navajo-plied your fibre? I have not had great luck with my NP and I like to see up close how it looks when others do it! Thanks!

Jess Schleicher said...

Beautiful socks and little dog cracks me up. I think your yarn gathering place is a wonderful idea too. How nice.

Pooch said...

Eeeeew! Actually, my Lailah has the same morning routine! LOL