Friday, April 27, 2012

FAF 4-27-12

Welcome to another edition of my Fiber Arts Friday posts.  Hopefully you will find something pretty or inspirational (in a fibery way) while you're here.

If nothing else...staying to the end will usually get you a look at a cute LittleDog.

Thank you for coming and please be sure to leave a comment. Then feel free to hop over to Wisdom Begins In Wonder where my friend Andrea hosts the Fiber Arts Friday blog circus. You'll see what folks from all around the fiber arts world have been working on.

Today I have a little progress on the Wingspan Shawl for the knit along that I'm half-ass-ed-ly participating in...
Now that I've got it on a longer cable and can see it laying flat I'm beginning to like it more. I've been spending most of my on-the-go knitting time working on this since it takes only a small amount of brain power...knit to the marker and turn around, then knit easy is that?

Speed is picking up on the Riff sock for Yarn Hollow. I had been stalled for a couple of weeks several days trying to figure out the directions for starting the heel flap. Since I don't normally knit toe-up socks I was in knitting wilderness. I studied and studied the directions then Sunday morning while I was eating my breakfast it dawned on me what I was supposed to do about the decreases...
There is heel flap action going on and I'm crossing my fingers that the fancy stitches are in the right configuration when they meet up with the front of the sock in a few rows.  If they're not you'll hear some screaming from my neighborhood.

In case you are curious about the nifty new project bag in that first pic this arrived yesterday from Knit Picks. I chose the small size tote and I believe I'm in love...
Now that you've managed to get through all that knitting stuff, here is your LittleDog reward for today...
This is his  I'm a handsome guy  pose. He's wishing you a super-fun-fibery weekend.

While I'm thinking of it...isn't this the cutest thing you ever saw?

See you next Friday! In the meantime you can find me on RavelryFB or Twitter.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A little Wingspan progress and a new-er "do"

Welcome, thanks for coming. If you read my blog last week and were distressed at my calling those socks Ugly...fear not, I did not give them that name...that was Paula. I actually love them because they are such a loud combination of colors...and, I have a shirt that perfectly matches the salmon color stripe. Thanks for all your nice comments on them.

This week I've been fighting the urge to start a new pair of socks. I promised myself I wouldn't start another pair until I get Rita's second sample sock done. I've been stalled on it for a couple of weeks because I laid it down and couldn't figure out how to start the heel flap. It's a toe up sock...have I mentioned that I'm not a big fan of the toe-up sock technique? meh, I could do without it myself but for the sake of showing off Rita's super-fabulous yarn I'll persevere.

I finally resorted to a trip down to A Grand Skein on Tuesday night.  Before Susan got there I spent about 30 minutes reading and re-reading the directions for the heel flap.  I believe I finally got a grasp on what I was supposed to do next, looked in my bag and realized that my 5th dpn was at home on the table beside my LittleDog's favorite chair. gah! At least I know where I left off now and can do the heel flap when I have a few minutes of quiet time.

I did get a few more rows done on the Wingspan shawl that Vivian is hosting the KAL for on Ravelry. There are some really pretty ones being posted there.
Last night I went over to a friend's house and she gave my sad haircut a tune-up. Yowza!

It's shorty-short, just the way I like it. Thanks so much to Kat, I got a gazillion compliments at work today. You rock lady!

If you'd like to see what some other creative peeps are up to these days hop on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder and Andrea will introduce you to a nice gathering of folks that are doing some awesome things with fiber.

Have a great week! See ya next Fiber Arts Friday.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ugly Sock is finished

After many days of knitting,
all the while wondering why I purchased this yarn in the first place,
I have a finished pair of socks
There was only that little bit of a yarn ball left. I don't believe I've ever used that much of a ball of sock yarn before.  This is just my plain o sock but since it was very fine sock yarn I cast on 84 sts and knit with Size 0 needles.  That was a lot of stitches! Glad their done and it's still cool enough to wear them to work tomorrow. Emily claims they're bullet-proof but whatever!

What do you think of the new Instragram photos? (#1 & #2) I think they make my socks look better.

I've been distracted by a little upholstery project
and I still need to get my pants sewn together. Work is still crazy busy and I run out of energy the minute I walk across my threshold. Maybe I'll get something done this weekend...

Have a great one for yourself. Thank you so much for stopping in to see what's going on here. You'll find lots of creative folks over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder too.

LittleDog could not escape the Instagram experimentation this week either...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spinning Cormo

What an amazing fiber Cormo is. Well worth the higher price you pay per oz.

I love spinning it, more than any other fiber.
It spins smoothly and drafts easily it practically spins itself
and is making the most beautiful single ever.
If you spin, be sure to spin some Cormo if you get an opportunity to do so.

Thank you Paula, for gifting this fiber to me. It will motivate me to finish cleaning the pillow case full that I have so I can spin that too.

Have a great weekend! Don't forget to check out the other crafty peeps over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder.  Tell Andrea I said "hey!".

LittleDog says "get to spinnin y'all"