Friday, July 27, 2012

FAF 7/27/12

Wow, I can not believe that it's the end of the week again already. Where did it go? Srsly. It's time for another bunch of Fiber Arts Friday posts over on Andrea's blog called Wisdom Begins in Wonder. You should go check them out. There's some pretty creative folks that gather over there every single Friday.

Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully you'll find something interesting or inspiring.

I've been knitting like crazy on this Crescent Shawl. I'm getting close to being done and running out of yarn, eep. Let's hope the done part comes first.
Looks kinda like a watermelon, don't you think? That was totally not my intention...

A friend is expecting a baby in a few weeks and I was looking for a pattern for a car seat blanket. Since there wasn't one I really liked I'll be designing one myself...
gotta start with an impressive stitch right? I'll show you what I decide on next week.

Do you use earbuds? Do you get tired of them tangling on themselves? I ran across this project on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a try...

works great, no tangles. Do you recognize the yarn? You could win a little prize of you guess correctly.

Last but certainly not least...LittleDog has a crusty nose again. We've been rubbing the salve on it every day. Oh the things a pug has to deal with.
"Don't look at my nose crust, DON'T!"

Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Back to the fibery stuff

Hello! Welcome to my version of Fiber Arts Friday. Please leave a comment so I know you've been here. Be sure to check out all the other creative folks over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder.

Thanks for stopping by with your anniversary wishes, I really appreciate your kind wishes for my back to be better. Vivian, I did get the donut but it was totally not tasty enough to make the backache worth it. I'm feeling pretty much back to normal now. Over the years I've learned to ignore it and it'll go away when it's ready to, usually after 2 or 3 days of stabbing me occasionally.

We're back to all things fibery this week, with a possible mention of a certain four legged creature later.

I finished my stripey sock and I've cast on a couple of new projects recently and am making pretty good progress with the knitting.

Crescent Shawl with my handspun from Emily's fiber.
Fascine Braid sock for Yarn Hollow is growing slowly...I love this pattern, a lot!
We finally got some rain today but not before every single thing in the backyard was burnt to a crisp. I guess there's always next year for having a pretty yard.

I've got a couple of potential baby projects swirling in my head...can't decide between the Serenity Blanket, one of which I've already made and the Owlie Sack & Hat.  Any opinions would be welcome, thank you.

LittleDog really wanted some popcorn this week...
how could I say no to that face? I love him so.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Staycation #2, 2012

Hello folks. FAF stuff is at bottom...

Meanwhile, another staycation is coming to a close. The Saint has been off this week too so we got to go fishing a couple of  times. We caught a few fish. It was fun despite the fact that I got a little too much sun and yesterday morning I blew my back out reaching for a damn donut! I hate it when that happens. ugh

Anyway, here's a couple of fishing pics...

Prettiest Bluegill we've ever caught. I wish the light had been better so you could really see what a pretty blue that is on the head.
Wednesday our Grand-daughter went with us. Here's her trophy-size perch. We did catch a few larger than this one but not many. 
I swear this child grew in the two weeks since I saw her last. Making a half-ass attempt at kid measurement I think she's 5'8" now and she's only 13! She has to bend down to hug me, LOL The top of my head fits under her chin.

A catfish was the cham-peen fish of the day.
I haven't done much fibery stuff since The Saint and I have been on staycation together.  He's not really into the fibery stuff. 

Today, Friday the 13th, marks our 13th Wedding Anniversary. Check out the "wedding cake".
In fibery news...I have made some progress on my sock this week...almost ready to start the toe...
LittleDog is not impressed. I have to tink a couple rows before starting the toe. Otherwise, it will be too long and I don't like too-long socks!

I also picked up yarn and a pattern for the next Yarn Hollow sample sock. Yarn is Lime Chrome and the pattern is Fascine Braid.
What have you been doing this past week? I love reading everyone's FAF blog entries. Thank you all so much for the inspiration you provide with what you do.

Thank you also for stopping in. Be sure to check out all the other fiber peeps at Wisdom Begins In Wonder. Andrea does a great job every week hosting us all.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Taking a Tour

Greetings! Are you participating in Tour de Fleece? If you're not a spinner it's a collective effort at improving your spinning skills while the cyclists ride the Tour de France. Not nearly as much physical effort involved in the "fleece" version but it can be taxing to one's brain. I've been a bit distracted lately and had a difficult time deciding on a goal for this year's Tour. Finally I decided that I'd just spin along and see what happens.

I think this is going to be oh-so-pretty. It's from Celeste's CVM/Romeldale Farm. I purchased this at the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo last year. The color is pretty true on my monitor so I'm hoping you'll get a good representation on yours.

What fibery things are you doing lately? Are you doing the Tour? If you're looking to get some ideas and inspiration hop on over to Wisdom Begins In Wonder and check out the folks that Andrea hosts for Fiber Arts Friday.

It's been ridiculously hot here...predicted to be 103 today. The dogs are suffering a bit even though the a/c is running non-stop. I dread seeing the electric bill.
Hot Dogs

Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for stopping by.
Woof Woof!