Friday, March 29, 2013

Gettin my spin on...

Hello and welcome. Thank you for stopping by Dog pics at the bottom :)

I believe I've found my spinning mojo at last. Over the past week I've finished spinning the second of two singles I intended to ply together.

Changed over to my new jumbo flyer that's been sitting on a shelf for the past 3 months
You could run something the size of a cotton ball through that orifice. ;) No jokes.
and then spent about 4 1/2 hours plying 646 yds of very pretty yarn.

Now I just need to find a project that will do it justice...any suggestions?

I've turned the heel on my latest sock...
And of course, what kind of blog would this be without pics of the doggies?

LittleDog had a pretty laid back weekend...
Here he is today, waiting for his dinner...
he looks a bit impatient doesn't he?

I had a chance to visit with Bear and he was super cute as always. Only took 45 minutes of throwing a plastic water bottle across the kitchen to wear him out, LOL
I hope if you've lost a mojo of some kind that you'll find it again soon. Maybe some sunshine will help get us all motivated. If you'd like some more inspiration hop on over to Wisdom Begins In Wonder and check out all the creative peeps that hang out there for Fiber Arts Friday. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Waiting for spring...

like everyone else in my neighborhood.  I'm not really feeling impatient about it though. I can wait til the warmer weather gets here. The longer it waits the more time I have to save up for a new a/c unit. When you live with a Pug you have to have a/c for those over 80 degree days. Pugs can't really tolerate hot weather. Oh, the things we do for our pets.

And for those who have asked, here's a recent pic of our grand-dog Bear...
isn't he adorable? LittleDog actually played with him on Saturday. I guess they just need a little time to get used to each other.

If you've come for the knitting/fiber content then I'll show you my current sock...

and the next project I'm contemplating...

and if you'd like to see more fibery stuffs hop on over to Wisdom Begins In Wonder's Fiber Arts Friday post and check out all the creative peeps that gather there.

Thanks so much for stopping in. Have a great weekend and I hope to see you again next Friday.

Friday, March 15, 2013

This is spring?

Happy Fiber Arts Friday! It's been a crazy week here and certainly could have been better but whatever.
Thank you for stopping in. Be sure to check out my fibery friends over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder.

I have a finished hat to show you (if you don't count weaving in the ends). This pattern is really fun:
Lucy Neatby's Scrunchy Hat knit in Shephard's Wool and Cascade 220.

After I weave in all those ends you see and give it a good soak it'll be ready to wear. Just in time for spring :)

LittleDog has not been impressed with this week's weather...
and he didn't hesitate to show his displeasure...
We hope you have a great weekend and that you have some time for something fibery.

Friday, March 8, 2013

This week we answer some questions...

I get questions in the comments frequently and try to answer them on the blog of whoever asked. Sometimes this doesn't work out though as there are folks that comment that don't have their own blog. So this week, since I'm feeling yucky again, I'll answer here.

Cathy the hat pattern can be made any size you want it. You start by making a swatch with the yarn and needle you choose then do a little math and start your hat. I used worsted weight, size 7 needle and cast on 104 stitches.

Kathy, do you have any idea how many folks there are on Pinterest with your name? LOL I think you better go find me then we can follow each other...Ally Belser.

Several of you commented on our continuing winter weather. I'm happy to say that we've had a few days without fresh snow. Downside to that is the fact that now we have to look at the grimy mess left behind as it melts.

Kathy, I haven't seen the show called Hamish...I'll have to look that one up. I got through all of the Doc Martin episodes and am quite sad that there will be no more.

Beth, Bear is a Havanese/Shih Tzu mix. My daughter laughs about the fact that the Havanese was bred to be a chicken herder in Cuba.

Thank you all for leaving comments. It's always nice to know that someone is looking in.

I finished the hat I was working on last week...

and started another. 
This one for myself. I picked two colors that go with my winter jacket. I hope I get it done in time to wear it before spring actually arrives.

And now, here's a bunch of pics for those that want to see the puppy...

click to biggie-size.  Thanks so much for visiting. Be sure to hop on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder to check out some other crafty folks. Have a great weekend.

Friday, March 1, 2013

It's still winter here

and we're really tired of the snow now. Although, the dogs have gotten used to trudging around out there.

Seems every week we have a big storm on Tuesday so I haven't been able to see my AGS knitting peeps in several weeks. This is not a good situation. I could use some creative motivation. Sitting in my favorite knitting shop always gets my mind moving.

We've spent a lot of time like this...
doesn't work out so well if you're trying to knit but it's great for catching up on many episodes of Doc Martin and surfing Pinterest.

I have actually been knitting a cute new hat. It's the Scrunchie Hat, a pattern by Lucy Neatby.  Looks like this so far...
it's a horrible photo, washed out but it's the best I can get on a dark winter evening in West Michigan.

Bear, the little beast with teeth spent an overnight last weekend. He's so darn cute he gets away with this...
he's definitely a chewer!

Hope you've all had a fiber filled week. If you'd like to check out more fibery peeps hop on over to Wisdom Begins In Wonder where Andrea hosts a fun blog circus.

Have a wonderful weekend.