Monday, December 29, 2008

getting my sew mo back

I think I've found it...that thing that went missing a couple years ago when I started knitting like a fiend. My sewing mojo is back!

Yesterday I rooted through my scrap stash, made a nice size pile...

sorted by size and shape, sort-of, lol

and started pressing it all nice and flat.

printed a few block foundations from my Foundation Factory program

and tried to visualize where I'd be going with it all.

A quilt is beginning to take shape in my head...scrappy fish, boats, flowers and baskets. At the foot (where it hangs off the bed) I'll have blocks that spell out our last name and our wedding date, aww, doesn't that sound romantic? That way I won't have to ask The Saint, "now what year did we get married?" My memory sucks!

Today the first two birdie blocks came together

On Saturday when Rena and I got to spend some quality together at City Knitting I finished the Engineer's Stocking Hat. Had to make the pompom for the end. It was the perfect finish, don't you think?

Thanks for stopping by. Have a safe and Happy New Year celebration. See you next year!


Kathy said...

Came by you from Graces blog list. I Love your engineer stocking hat. Gorgeous. Happy New YEar

KnittingReader said...

Happy New Year!

I love your frog!

Shine said...


melisseio said...

I love it! The birds are very cute! I have promised myself a new sewing machine once I get my craft room re-org done. You inspire me to get going so I can get on to some of my other projects!!!

Grace said...

nice knitting and sewing, you are bicrafty!!!