Sunday, January 4, 2009

Icey Sunday project update

2nd pot-o-coffee has been brewed

Facebook has been checked (yes I have fallen victim to the evil that is Facebook)

blog posting going on...

The Saint has rearranged the vehicles in their proper order for leaving for work in the morning after scraping ice and slipping around til I thought I'd go crazy watching especially after he "sat down" on the front porch this morning trying to retrieve the newspaper. He wasn't happy with a wet behind and his slipper being clear across the driveway, LOL. It's warming up a bit but everything has a coat of ice on it and the fog is rolling in. blech

The knitting needles and the quilt blocks will soon be flying here at Chez B. Maybe not as accurately as they should since there was a bit-o-bourbon in that lovely little Joseph Schmidt truffle, hehehe.

The Saint's Big Ass Sweater is slowly growing

I've started another Button Tab Knit Hat

and the blocks for the Romance Quilt are slowing coming together

Ooo, I just got another idea for the quilt, gotta go print up a few more letters before I forget.

Anyone got any opinions on the difference between a Viking Mega Quilter and a Baby Lock Quilter's Choice Professional? I'm thinking about a little reward for AllyB when she gets the Romance Quilt pieced, hehehe.

Any input on the quilting machines would be greatly appreciated. I'm planning on test-driving some in the next couple weeks to see how they perform. Maybe by the time I get the top pieced it is a king size afterall I'll have a few dollars stuffed under the mattress to buy the machine.

Everybody have a great week!


Bubblesknits said...

I'm so glad we don't get ice here. Right now, it's in the upper 60's. Granted, I wish it were a bit cooler for January.

That truffle looks gooood!

Nichole said...

We had an icey wake up this morning too...

clarabelle said...

Happy NY to you and The Saint! Glad to hear you've got your sew-mo back (I wish I could say that I ever had a sew-mo to claw back, but I'm afraid I've never had one to start with, eerm, so I can't help you with the quilting question!).

And good luck with Facebook - I was forced there last year by my kids, but couldn't get my aged head round it as a civilised form of communication, bah.

Looking forward to seeing progress on the Big-Ass sweater!