Sunday, January 11, 2009


I'd like to be impervious to the weather like Max. She sat out in the backyard this afternoon for over an hour. Watching a squirrel walk across the top of the fence trying to figure a way to the bird feeder without becoming victim to Max's great hunting skills.

All attempts to call her in were futile...until she was good a ready.

She's feeling like an extra-happy dog today since she had a trip to the groomer yesterday.

Spent the afternoon being an air freshener about the house.

Don't you love this pose? - see pose at right - this is the pose she pulled on me yesterday when I was trying to drop her off at the groomer The look on her face yesterday was much more pitiful than this face today, lol. And she didn't have snow packed on yesterday either.

Wow, it was a busy day at City Knitting yesterday! When I got there about 11:30 I had to wedge in a chair, hehehe. I love it when there's lots of folks knitting and chatting. It was one of those days when folks are tired of being trapped in their houses by the crappy weather. What better place to escape to than your LYS? I didn't get a lot of knitting done...but then, I never do! I got to meet a couple of new folks, visit with Rena and Christine (who I missed knitting with on Tuesday after the big sickness of last weekend). And Kathy joined us for a great lunch at the Brick Road Pizza Co.

After a slippery drive home, with a detour for milk and bread in case we got snowed in over night, I settled in at Chez B for what I thought would be a nice quiet evening of knitting and tv. Not! Instead, I got the overwhelming urge to rearrange the office/sewing room and commenced unplugging computer cables and moving furniture. With a short break for a decent night's sleep and a little french toast breakfast, I got it all done by about 10 this morning. I am happy with the result, I even did a little arts and crafts today...clickey to biggie-size

...our masks from a fabulous Chef's Dinner w/wine at Marisol in New Orleans in April 2005. The restaurant no longer exists, sadly, along with much of what was great about the city. It took me too long to get them framed. It was a great vacation.

Here's The Saint's loafers, all felted now...

they're still pretty big, bwa-ha-ha!

You all have a great week! I will.


Nichole said...

Loafers look great... Max is adorable, love the pose!

Shine said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend

Christine said...

Max looks so cute! I look forward to knitting tomorrow and also seeing Boomer!

Grace said...

what a cute pooch!!! I wish I had a craft room or even ambition to move it around if I had one!

Bubblesknits said...

What a precious pose! :-)

And I love those loafers. Is it the Fiber Trends pattern?

thistledown musings said...

You still feel like redecorating? Come on up to Suttons Bay!

Cute loafers.