Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Snowy Day

Well, we waited forever for the snow to come and now it just keeps falling. Makes me ever so glad that I only live 3 miles from work and none of that 3 miles is on a highway. I can poke along at 25 mph and get to work in 10 scary stuff.

The dogs have been plowing through the snow in the backyard with no problems. LittleDog seems to like the snow more than Sam does. I shovel a path around the yard for them but they always forge their own paths anyway.

Last weekend brought us a beautiful light, fluffy 12" of snow.

Let me in!
I suffered a sock tragedy a week ago...
wah, wah! First pair ever to wear through...have you ever darned a handknit sock? I'm going to have to do some research on this. I certainly won't be throwing them away.

I'm ready to pick up the thumb stitches on the mitt I've been working on. I really like how these look and they are not difficult.
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WonderWhyGal said...

Oh no! I've been seeing some sock darning links on Pinterest lately.
My dogs were plowing through the snow this morning. You got quite a bit more than we did though.

Drive safe today.

Margo said...

I'm glad to know someone else shovels a path for their dogs. In my case one uses it and the other likes to jump over the mounds created. Sorry about your sock, I haven't had to do any mending yet but there are lots of how to videos out.

Chrisknits said...

My dogs come back to the door with a face full of snow. It's like they think there is something at the bottom of the pile they need to investigate. Here's a clue, it's the same ground it was before the snow. LOL. Love the mitts, they are on my queue. Good luck with the darning, it's doable.

Kathryn Ray said...

I've only darned one pair of socks recently... they were commercial and hadn't worn all the way thru yet.

I would recommend a magnifying glass and a whole lot of light. ;-)

Vivian said...

I'm guilty of throwing away hole-y socks. Usually when there is a hole other parts of the bottom would be thin too, so unless I reknit the bottom there seems to be no point mending the hole. I've heard of people knitting double-thick bottom on socks tho, never tried myself.

Brave LittleDog! My pups would probably just bark at the white stuff. The only one of our dogs that had seen snow was Trinket, and he hated getting his paws wet.

kathy b said...

YOUR MITTS are gorgeous. I am sorry about the sock. Darn it. I usually felt them and cut the foot off, using the foot for a iphone cover...seriously , I do

Cathy said...

Snow snow glorious snow! I haven't seen snow for at least 5 years, my little one can't even remember it... I do love a snow clad landscape, so serene. Never darned a handknitted sock, nor any sock for that matter, good luck with that! Your mitten looks very cute, love the colour :)

Nichole said...

Love that mitt! Good luck fixing the socks -- I know you can do it! :) And what I love most about this post? Little Dog's face! LOL

Stop by and enter to win the Touch of Scent kit I'm currently givign away... and say hi! :)

Bubblesknits said...

That's a lot of snow! Last time it snowed that much here, our little rat terrier disappeared in the snow drifts. We had to follow the barking to find her. lol