Sunday, June 22, 2008

the June from Hell

Hey! My life's been hectic...yours?

I'm hoping that the above picture which represents the impending doom of this month will now give way to more time enjoying things like this...

Lots of folks in the Midwest that are dealing with way-more difficult times than we are here. I'm thankful every morning when I get up that we are once-again in a position to be the helpers rather than the victims.

Showers, weddings, graduations, b-ball tournaments, knitting events, getting a $wap package together and Bashin, oh, and working everyday, lol. Didn't even have time last week to post here. Seems like from the middle of May until Bash Day (that's a 14 hour work day for me, thankyouverymuch) it's non-stop - now there's a smidge of time to take a quick breath, catch up on laundry, Swiffing, isn't that a pretty green Swiffer? Have to check into one of those... used mine so much that the handle is all bent and woogedy...oh, sorry, getting off track...must be tired from yesterday... the dog hair and blogging.

Really want to say hey to everybody that loyally stops in here to check out my life and projects. I'm truly honored by your steadfast support. Rena, Cheryl, Purl, Grace, Nichole, Bubblesknits, Alana, Darcy, Cass (although Cass is so famous now that I don't hear from her much anymore, LOL) and then there's my new friend Georgeanne, she's been working on a great charity project out there in SanDiego, maybe you could help her out...

Especially like to thank AlisonH for leaving a comment and leading me to read her blog for the first time this morning. Alison, your story about the toucan touched my heart, thank you.

A good bit of knitting has been done here this past week, as amazing as that may seem. Finishing a couple of small projects is so rewarding and motivating. Nothing like a few dish cloths to get your knitting-mo going. Managed to get a few stitches done on this cloth yesterday.

And couldn't resist showing you this little beauty I picked up at City Knitting on Friday night during the Late Night Yarny Party.
This Panda Silk is so soft and shiny, can't wait to knit it up into some luxurious socks.

In addition to being so busy, The Saint has been away for a couple of days celebrating our nephew's ending bachelorhood (wedding next Saturday) and tomorrow he'll be driving a big truck loaded with relief supplies for the families of fellow Teamsters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Hopefully he'll be back home on Thursday. If you think of it and could send up a few good thoughts for a safe journey for him I'd really appreciate it. Thanks


wildflower38 said...

I'm sending good thoughts The Saint's way. I like the yarn. Its a pretty buttery yellow

Nichole said...

Love the color of that Panda Silk!

Christne said...

I've thought about that yarn a few times already. I can't wait to see the socks you knit out of it! How was "the bash"?

Grace Yaskovic said...

wow the color of the panda silk is just what i have been looking for for the sheotsie shawl, I have to get some of that,

good thoughts and continued support for a very dear friend and her family!

clarabelle said...

Glad to hear that you're still surviving, Aleta! But definitely there with The Saint (you know, my husband has distant family in Maine, Iowa).

Hope you manage to overcome the dog hair and the work situation...!