Friday, October 9, 2009

anti-social knitter

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!! I'm sick of rain and don't want to be out in the cold, getting wet so when I got home from work tonight I decided it was a good jammie night.

Instead of hanging out at my fav yarn shop - City Knitting - with my yarny peeps I'm hangin out at home, surrounded by dogs, knitting on my sock...a sock, I must say, that is bee-yu-ti-ful!

The Saint is occupying his fav spot on the sofa in the other room - watching a baseball game and probably a movie or two - all twirling around on the channels in perpetual motion. Why do men do that? It's so confusing...just when I get into listening to what's on he changes the channel. When I complain about the channel changing he says "you're knitting, what do you care what's on?" gah! I use my ears to "watch" what's on, it's good for the imagination.

Tonight he was kind enough to take a couple of photos for me so I could illustrate to someone on Ravelry how I hold my needles when I'm knitting with little needles. I find it fascinating how everyone holds their needles and yarn differently. Here's the pics...

Little Sean Allen is enjoying his new hat and booties. His Dad says he'll be needing a larger pair of booties in an hot minute though. I guess I'd better get busy with a larger pair, baby feet grow so very fast!

ArtPrize was a huge success here in GR. Our town got lots of good national press and we're all better cultured around here now. I saw so many memorable things and can't wait til next year when they do it all over again. A couple more pieces for your enjoyment...

101 Ways to Humiliate a Man by Saul Gray-Hildebrand

Norman Mooney's Wind Seed

Have a great weekend everybody! Thanks for stopping in - be sure and say hey!


clarabelle said...

Sigh, I know all about that channel-changing malarkey; Igor does this thing, footballcricketnewscricketfootballcricketnews, etc - drives me bonkers!

Interesting your needle-holding photos; you do a very posh thing with your right forefinger - my finger action is very slovenly compared to yours!

Your new sock is fab - I think it's the Mini-Mochi?

Bubblesknits said...

ooooooh....what yarn is that? I agree, it's beautimous. :-)

I'm an anti-social knitter too, but mine is mainly because our knit night falls on Thursdays, which is also study night for our son. All his tests are on Fridays and I'm the better studier out of the parental unit. lol

Grace said...

I too knit best in solitary conditions but when I do gather with knitting friends I am usually the only one who knits the others just talk and eat and visit oh well!!!

BammerKT said...

I agreed with you on Friday! My husband had just had a load of firewood delivered (we live over here in Holland) and he built us a fire and I couldn't bring myself to leave that comfy spot and go to the store to knit even though seeing some knitting friends sounded fun too.

Glad you had a great time and that sock is just GORGEOUS!