Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Staycation #2

The best part of vacation for me is the total lack of structure to my days...on Wednesday I had pie for lunch, just pie, made by my Mom - it was great!
So, I'm on my second staycation of's Friday and I'm sad that the week has flown by. There were so many things I wanted to get done. Alas, I have chosen to relax as much as possible and have not accomplished much of what I intended. This afternoon I'm heading over to City Knitting to hang out for a bit. It'll be a good day.

A week ago my to-do list consisted of the following:

1) Clean up the yard for winter - meh, it's cold and it's supposed to be rainy, yesterday it was cold and the day before it was raining, maybe I'll get to that next week

2) Stow-away the deck furniture - see excuses above

3) Make tabouli before the parsley freezes- check

4) Haircut - check - my new "do" w/bling - ready to go out to the Dems Fall Gala with The Saint.
Create a design wall for my sewing room - check
Start with a 4'x8' sheet of rigid foam insulation, cover with flannel and hang on the wall. Thanks to The Saint and his handy tool skills I can put the blocks in different configurations and see how they look...
Now that the blocks are up on the wall instead of in a pile I see that I need more colors other than blue, hahaha.

I also finished a Summer Sox with the Mini Mochi that my friend Deb got me.It's very pretty don't you think? I also got started on a new sweater for Boomer. I think he'll look pretty tough with a skullie on his back, hehehe.
So I'm off...hope you all have a great weekend!


KnittingReader said...

I love your new haircut, and I'm envious of your stay-vacation!

Nichole said...

Homemade tabouli? YUM.
Pie for lunch? YUM-O!

Lovely sock... lovely hair!

Grace said...

your hair cut is gorgeous and I like the knitting too!

bethanyg said...

Love your new 'do! And the staycation sounds great. The wall is fantastic! I need an office!

Bubblesknits said...

Awesome haircut! And did you save me any pie? I lurv pie. :)

The socks look great, too!