Sunday, December 20, 2009

two forward, three back...

...the perfect description of my knitting activity this past week.

The scarf I had 3/4 done...frogged! It needs a larger needle and a garter stitch border. It was too tightly knit and rolled on the long edge, ew.

The clog sock I'm working on...I've tinked at least 20 rows at least 3 times, gah!

I have a bunch of little projects swirling around in my head but I know that realistically I should stop thinking about the holiday and focus on post-holiday projects. I do have to get a couple things finished up in the next couple of days though.

During all this needle and yarn wielding, Boomer's most difficult task has been figuring out what position he wants to sleep my knitting chair! Fortunately, Sam chooses the floor to sleep on...ever on alert though for any threat, LOL On Friday Winnie came to spend the night with us. It's always fun to have him here. Although he didn't seem to thrilled with us this time. He spent a lot of time watching the door waiting for his Mama.

We're on the count-down to the holiday. A three day work-week and a bunch of days to relax and knit...just doesn't get any better! If I don't make it back here before Thursday I hope all of you have a wonderful day if you are inclined to celebrate.


Channon said...

Love all the dogs at rest! My knitting isn't happening either... mostly because I can't seem to pick it up and actually KNIT...

KnittingReader said...

I'm trying to focus on post-holiday knitting, too. I've got a cowl on the needles that I hope to finish by Thursday.

I LOVED Little Giant of Aberdeen County.

Grace said...

I love Winnie, what a cuddly looking dog

Merry Christmas ALLY!