Friday, December 10, 2010

FAF 12 10 10

Hello!  Hope you've had a great week.  Mine's been a little crazy but it's almost over and on Monday we'll get to start again.   Isn't that great?! 

Visit all the wonderfully creative folks on the Fiber Arts Friday post at Andrea's blog.

I've been super fibery this past week...a trip to Yarn Hollow on Saturday, spinning at Biggby on Sunday, knitting every day on the Keyhole scarf and swatching for a secret project with black yarn on size 2 needles, yikes! 

Below you will find an illustration of how different a project can look when you change the lighting.

The photo on the right best represents the true color of the scarf...interesting the difference though isn't it?
As you can see, I'm almost finished...just a few more rows and I'll be able to bind off and hide those terrible size 17s...hopefully, for-eh-vah!  LOL

The spinning of the white and lavender Suri is finished.  I present for your approval 4 oz spun on my Zebra Fish spindle that Spinsanity made.  It was a little tricky getting that last ounce on there but I did it!  

Next little project is the green Corriedale/Silk Noil called Frosted Pines that I picked up at the Yarn Hollow Open House Sale.  It makes me think of Christmas and I need all the help in the holiday cheer department I can get.

And 3.5 oz of 100% Merino called Thistle Berry.

and aren't these the sweetest tags?

There has been a lot of lazing around lately...

I think we need some exercise...


Allison said...

I love lavender the plant and I love your lavender yarn. You are inspiring me to start spinning in the new year!

WonderWhyGal said...

ooooh, I approve! Your handspun is gorgeous and I love the colors you picked up at Rita's open house. Beautiful!

I've been knitting a scarf on straight needles when I wait in the car for the kids and argh! I love my circs so much that the straight needles are driving me crazy.

Thanks for sharing.
Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

Dutch Hollow said...

What a interesting stitch pattern on those scarfs.

LOVE the lavender!

Kathryn Ray said...

Wow. You've been crazy busy too.

Those #2 needles are going to feel itty-bitty-teeny-weeny after those #17s.

I think the scarf is really interesting.. and with the lighting difference, even more interesting.

Nichole said...

Pretty scarf... Love the tags... Love a lazy little dog!

jessecreations said...

Tiny needles and black yarn? You're a brave woman!! :)

Love the scarf, in any light!


Halfpint said...

The green is beautiful, in fact it is all lovely, but I do especially love the green.

Rena said...

love the scarf! love that little dog! super love that new green yarn you are spinning ;)