Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Life's Little Surprises

So I'm sailing along, minding my own business, trying to get a picnic bag knitted for a friend's wedding, it's this really sparkly, golden yellow, cotton, viscose yarn that looks really scratchy but is quite nice when knit-up...that I got a great deal on from eBay...watching tv, getting through the going to work/coming home DH aka The Saint, calls me at work yesterday morning and says, "hi honey, there's been a little accident, you need to pick me up at the med center". "Are you bleeding?!", I asked. "No, I just had 1600 lbs of steel fall on my foot and the doctor thinks, yes, thinks, it's broken" Same leg that had ankle surgery 5 years ago...I'm picturing something akin to road kill by the time I get there. Fortunately, when I arrived they were just getting ready to cast it and I could see for myself that there was no blood and no protruding bones. Phew! So tomorrow we find out if it's broken for sure and how long he'll be on crutches. I'll have to devote some time in the next few weeks mowing grass (that's been fertilized like crazy!) and taking out the trash so that means less knitting time for me. Ah, well. A reminder of just how important he is to the smooth workings of the household. He thinks it's a good time for me to learn how to back up the boat trailer! Yikes...look out! So, back to knitting...

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