Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fish & Spaghetti Fest 2007 a success!

The Saint wracks his brain making sure he has thought of every possible thing we would need for the day (fish...check, spaghetti...check, beer...check/check!) We're all set...
(doesn't he look waaaayy too serious?)

I have to give him all the credit. The F & S Fest is always his baby and he does a great job. Everybody left happy and the neighbors didn't call the police! hee!

As you can see I worked like crazy to get my part of the days preparations in order. Knitting and wine always help me prepare...

We gave nephew J a nice send-off...he leaves the 6th for 60 days at Ft. Hood then on to Baghdad. Please send good vibes his way.

The kids even talked The Saint into jumping the rope. (Notice his feet aren't actually off the ground :)

As you can see, it was a beautiful day, 32 people attended, plus 2 dogs, 1 that was very naughty, sneaking around eating all the Doritos that hit the ground... It was great to see everyone especially those who came from out of town.
Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I need some sleep!


Amy said...

Oh, that looks way too fun.

ruth said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Ava said...

Ally B, thanks for stopping by my blog! So glad to meet another knitter. By the way, Nancy's shop is in East Lansing, not Lansing. I'll post a correction soon.

Good vibes to your nephew!