Sunday, July 8, 2007

I Really Have Been Knitting!

Just so you all don't think I'm slacking in the knitting department, here's what I've been working on like a mad-woman the past couple days...
It will be a re-usable grocery bag when it's done. I found the pattern on the Lion Brand site. It's the Eco-Friendly Expandable Shopping Bag.

What you're looking at in the pictures (click on photo to enlarge) is the bag with the bottom at the top and the handle being worked on my Knit Picks Size 8/32" circular. The yarn is Lily Sugar & Cream in Over The Rainbow.

I'm also stealing an idea I saw on Grace's blog (Hi Grace!) for posting a picture of my favorite place to knit. It's a toss up between the deck and the living room but since I've previously posted a picture of the outside locale here's my inside knitting photo...

Notice the classy lawn chair cushion...the slats in the back of this mission-style chair that Rena and Derder gave me one year for Mother's Day did not make for long-term comfort. But with a little frugal ingenuity, when we purchased some new cushions for the deck chairs voila! I have a nifty chair for knitting in the living room - right in front of the picture window where I can survey all that goes on in the neighborhood while I knit or watch tv or just neighborhood watch. Not that I pay attention to what goes on in the neighborhood, much, LOL, well at least I don't use the binoculars like The Saint does...hee

And speaking of The Saint, he had to go to bed really early since he was up most of the night cleaning those catfish and he gets up at 3:30a to go to work. The fact that I was up as long as he was and he took a couple of naps today are completely beside the point! *hear me snickering?* He packed it in by 8:00 so now I have more time to blog! Woo hoo! He did have enough energy to make this yummy looking dinner tonight though. Rib eye, medium, with guacamole sauce, tomatoes and onions...mmmmm Do you think maybe he's been watching too much Food Network?



Nichole said...

Love seeing where everyone knits... I've posted some of those on my blog awhile back... :)

Love your shopping bag!

Nichole said...

ps - I added your blog to my favorites on the sidebar of my blog!

Grace Yaskovic said...

I love to see where people knit, --not as many caught on to it as I hoped would but there is still lots of time. The shopping bag looks great

Anonymous said...

I like the shopping bag. It looks like it was a quick project. I'll put it on my to do list.

Your lurking dishcloth spoiler :-)