Thursday, July 5, 2007

I Told You So...

How do you like my pretty new light switch?

It was quite an adventure getting it!

Why is it that when you tell a man something needs to be done they don't do it with the urgency that you feel is appropriate? As my mother would say N-O-W!

Last Friday I told The Saint that the switch for the dining room light needed to be replaced because it wasn't turning off the light properly. A situation that I would think would warrant immediate action ...his plan...yeah, I'll get around to it...

This morning I was ready to head out the door to work, made my usual last walk through to be sure everything was off and the bedroom door was shut (since Sam likes to look out the bedroom window at people passing by during the day which has totally destroyed the mini blinds in there). As I passed through the dining room and into the kitchen I was stopped in my tracks by something that smelled HOT! I followed my nose to the source of the smell...that blasted light switch, argh! Just as I bent to take a sniff of said switch a small puff of white smoke came out, YIKES! What to do?!

I punched the push button switch a couple of times and the light didn't shut off, not the first time I've had this happen in the past week, although it did dim and brighten a couple times. No problem, I'll just turn off the power to the switch and all will be well til the end of the work day when The Saint gets home and can replace it. I sped down the steep and rickety basement stairs with visions of melting, burning wiring in my head and pulled open the door to the circuit breaker box, found the one "labeled" dining room, flipped the switch, ran up the stairs and the light was still on! Ran back down the stairs, flip another switch, ran up the stairs, the damn light was still on, although no more smoke was seeping from the switch, this is a good thing, I guess. I run back down the stairs, flip a third switch, third one's the charm right? NOT, when I jet back up the stairs with a slight wheeze that light is still on! What-the-hell!? Alright, I'll get you yet, blasted light! My fourth trip down the stairs, into the now-dark basement, where the breaker box is on the other end of the house from aforementioned stairs and I decided to just flip the main breaker and shut off all the power, can't go wrong with that. I barely make it back up those stairs (for the fourth time) and aha!, the light is off. Now to find a screw driver, take the plate off the switch and make a little inspection. Thankfully the wall, and the wiring in it, was ok. The switch itself was warm and stinky but not yet melty.

At this point I decided to give The Saint a call so I could get some assistance, and go to work - where I was supposed to already be. I took a couple of deep breaths, and thought relaxing thoughts, and dialed his answer, called the terminal...dispatcher answers...yes, he's still on the dock, hold on...Of course The Saint knew there must be some emergency or I wouldn't be calling so when I told him about my little adventure in electrical trouble-shooting he was doing the Home-to-First run across the parking lot to his truck to come rescue me. Ahhh, my Knight-In-Shining-Armor, zoomed home, removed the offending switch from the wall, turned the power back on and headed to the local hardware store for a new switch.

He got the rest of the day off and I had to go to work!

I did, though, get to say two things when he came in the door, to rescue me..."I told you to replace that switch last week" and "You need to do a better job of labeling those breakers down there!"...neither of which he could argue with.

Ah, yes, it's the little victories in life that are so sweet! I wonder if the next time I ask him to fix something he'll drag his feet getting it done?! *sigh* Probably.

And on the crochet front...ta da! Here is my Chanson En Crochet nearly finished! Looks great on an office chair don't you think?!

All it needs is a row of trim around the top and front edge and it will be finished! I hooked and ripped the first row of the floral pattern 3 times before I finally got my mind wrapped around the design and could get it right. I had to keep referring to the not-so-helpful picture in the pattern because for some reason I couldn't visualize the written directions. Now that I can actually see it, I think I'll be making several different colors to go with assorted dresses that I have recently acquired.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th.


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