Monday, July 2, 2007

Herbs, Cloaks & Daggers, oh my!

This is the small herb garden next to my deck. Just enough to satisfy my need to dig in the dirt. 2 basil (for basil/tomato/feta salad), 2 parsley (for tabouli), 1 oregano just because it looks nice, 1 sage, 1 thyme (for chicken and roasted potatoes), 1 oregano and 1 lemon thyme.

Another beautiful day in W Mi although we could certainly use a little rain. The grass is brown and crispy. My little herb garden is growing nicely but I have to carry water to it every morning. I feel bad for all of you in Kansas that just can't get a break from the rain.

The basil loves the hot weather and the parsley had grown enough that I could make some tabouli yesterday. Mmmmmm. My son-in-law, Chef Wes, gave me some great tips for making tabouli with barley. I like it better since you can serve it as a salad rather than just something to put on top of your pita and hummus. It's good with the hummus but it's more versatile than regular tabouli made with bulgar. It is seasoned with a tagarashi seasoning blend to make it interesting. I love summer recipes!

I cooked some beets over the weekend as I was intending to make a pot of borscht but I realized it would take several hours to accomplish the task and today I'm just not up to it. Guess those beets will be cut up into salad for the week instead. I haven't found many people who actually like beets. I love the earthy taste of them. Someone once told me that they reminded them of dirt. I guess you could call that earthy taste dirt if you can imagine freshly turned garden dirt in the spring on a warm day...that would be my interpretation of the taste of beets. Add some vinegar and a little sugar and you have fabulous pickled beets! Where's my fork?!

It was a frustrating weekend on the needlework front. I am working on that Chanson en Crochet...I have hooked and ripped several rows, several times but I think I'm making progress. I just wish they would show a better illustration of each row of stitches so I could figure out as I go if I'm doing it right, rather than getting 3 rows farther and having to rip back because the numbers weren't right. I sure do miss my Grama! She understood all that stuff and if she was still around I could call and ask her and she would tell me in the most wonderful way what I needed to do to make it come out right. And then she would want to see pictures of what I did when I was finished...hey, maybe blogging is sorta like having a Grama! Thanks!

I think it's time for a big clean out in the sewing room/office at our house. I can't think straight there is so much stuff in here! I've been trying to talk The Saint into letting me switch the office with our bedroom so I could have more room but so far he's not buying my plan. He says the king size bed won't fit in the 10 x 10 office. I think, we only need room for the bed and I've even offered to buy him a flat screen tv to hang on the wall in the "new bedroom" but he's not easily swayed. Well, he goes to Canada fishing the first week of August so, guess what...I'm going to switch them around while he's gone and see how it feels. Once it's done he won't make me change it back and I'll be all set! Call me devious...anytime I want to do something around here he's not really on board with I just wait til August and let her rip! One year he came home and found all the carpet from our living/dining room packed in the back of his pick-up waiting to go to the dump, (insert hysterical laughter here) I waited til he left and got out a carpet knife and cut that stuff up into about 4 ft square pieces and stuffed it into the bed of his truck. With that nasty carpet out of here and a fresh coat of paint on the walls, voila! a new room. Rena and I had a good ole time doing that one! She loves demolition. I haven't come up with a good project the past couple years, he's dropped his guard and will never suspect...tee hee Wish me luck! He just doesn't have a good visionary mind...leave it to me and he'll see how great it can be (or not). I'll let you know about the 8th of August if it worked or not. I may have to buy a smaller bed...


Nichole said...

I like the way you think... if he's not on board, change it when he's not around... they're always too lazy to change anything back! lmao. I knew we'd be fast friends - ha ha

Knittymama said...

Oh, looks lovely!!!

My poor herb garden is looking pretty sad. My basil was baked while we were out of town. BBut at least my parsley hung in there!