Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day Camp and FO

Hey everybody! Wow, it's sure nice getting comments on the blog. I love when people stop in and say hey! Makes me think I'm not just talking to myself (like I do around home since The Saint claims he has difficulty hearing my voice sometimes, (insert uproarious laughter) *sigh*

So, I was lurking around Vicki's blog, Knitorious (love your Fixies, Vicki!) and she was talking about her experience at camp when she was younger. I haven't thought about camp in, oh, about 40 years. I only went 1 summer and it was only for 1 week but I will never forget some aspects of that week. We were living in Sturgis, MI and I had just finished the 3rd grade. We would take a yellow school bus what seemed like a thousand miles out to the camp. On the last leg of the journey there was "Dead Man's Curve"...a corner where the bus had to turn right going in and left coming out...there was a ditch on the inside of the turn that seemed like 100 feet deep...I'm sure now looking back on it that the driver must have gotten just as close to the edge of that ditch as he could for the scare factor. LOL And we were definitely was a really big production every day having to go around that, the things you believe when you're little. I can also remember the docks where we learned to swim. I should do some research and find out where that camp was...I wonder if the drivers are still scaring the kids on the way to camp...snicker...thanks, Vicki, for the memory jog.

She also reminded me how much I used to live for the next issue of 16 Magazine. Mark Lindsey was so dreamy!, yeah, when I was 12! I guess I have always been attracted to the tall, dark and handsome type man...hmmm. And then there were the bell bottom pants and tie-dye shirts and perfectly groomed Afros, oh, wait, didn't I just see that the other day?! lol Isn't it amazing how things just keep coming back? the brown/turquoise combo or the granny square bags, see the Larger Than Life Bag, which I love!

And on the knitting front...we have a pair of Fast Florida Footies...see...

I finished them last night after The Saint went to bed - at 9pm - while it was still daylight, jeez, so-what if he has to get up at 3:15am? - anyway, I'll just mention here that I hate that he has to be at work at 5am but it is his choice and it beats having him get home at 8pm like he used to. So, I'm not bitter about my lack of 6 or 7 hours of continuous sleep...much.

I'm pretty excited about getting into the Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Exchange...hope Rena gets in too. I know she'll be envious if I get to do it and she doesn't, hee! Hey, Rena! Love you!

A big howdy to Nichole! The wine for the evening was New Age White, it was great with hummus and tabouli...My usual fare when dining alone and I don't feel like cooking. The Saint is gone to help with our AllenIversonWannabe grandson's basketball practice. "Stinky" is destined to be a star some day, I'm sure! He's the smallest and the fastest on the team. He's 11 so he'll be in middle school next year, 6th grade, man, I can't believe it! I've searched high and low in my computer files for a picture of him in his uniform with no luck...maybe I'll be able to find one I can scan...

Well, better go do some knitting. Think I'll work on the crochet this evening, or maybe, I'll cast on for the Monkey Sock. I picked up this great Opal sock yarn called Raupe at City Knitting. I can't wait to see how it looks. Wish me first attempt at something this complicated.

The Saint just walked in so, gotta go! Time to watch the NBA Draft! Yippee!



Nichole said...

Your fast Florida socks looks a little like the Bob Marley's Grandma Footsies I'm doing - see here

Vicki Knitorious said...

Dead Man's Curve... it would be fun to see how deep that ditch actually is, wouldn't it? The things we dream up...