Monday, June 25, 2007

My Dog Sam

Have I ever mentioned how much I like It's a big time saver for me since I've become addicted to reading about everybody else's life every morning. lol

How many dogs do you suppose there are in the world that look alike? What are the chances that in one day I would run across 2 other dogs out there that look amazingly like my Sam? Well, I did. Lola lives with my new friend from Dish Rag Tag, Nicole, and the other is this lovely pup named Eli. It's a small world, even for animals! Give them some pets for me please.

Sam is my special needs dog. He has to eat prescription dog food of the fish and potato variety since he has allergies. He doesn't really have a lot going for him in the bravery, or intelligence depts but he looks good and is a great watch dog - if you're outside and he's inside. He loves me and he's a great fly catcher. After 6 years he almost has fetch mastered...sometimes. And how can you resist this face?
And doesn't he sit pretty? I never have figured out why he does this but it seems to be comfortable to him. He's not allowed on the couch so he just leans against it instead.
Hard to believe he only weighed 4 lbs when he came to live with us..

Awww, ain't he cute? Anyway, that's the scoop on Sam.

One of these days I'll tell you all about Max. She's the queen of this house.

And on the knitting front...I have yet another dish rag finished. Key Lime Pie is the it! Wanna see?

Not such a good picture, let's try again...

At least in the second one you can see the color. Hey to the Lucky 13 Dish Rag Team!! I'm really excited to get started...



Amy said...

Oooooohhhhhh.....Sam is SO cute.

It's like our dog Teddy. What I always tell the kids is, Teddy proves that you don't have to be smart to be completely lovable.

Nichole said...

OMG... how freaking adorable was that 4 lb puppy (not that he's not adorable now!)!!?? LOVE him! Miss Lola will be turning 5 on July 4th...
Btw, I'm adding your blog link to my favorites on my sidebar! =} Love meeting new friends who I have so much in common with!