Thursday, June 14, 2007

Frogged Pants and A Big Sale!

Happy Thursday everybody!

Here's the pants I had to frog...

once again in individual pieces, it's back to the cutting table with them! Somehow, when I got them all done they were about 2 sizes too big! So much for measuring.

It was both a happy and sad day yesterday as one of our LYS closed it's doors. But - their was a SALE - yep, and I was there, with my tall kitchen can bag, picking up a few last minute essentials. (After Rena and I had already made 2 trips in there the past couple weeks to get everything we could possibly need) But, when you get an email that says these magic words...everything's a dollar, how can you not leave work in the middle of the afternoon to partake?!

Now back when I was younger and had different priorities I would never have thought about leaving work for a yarn sale. But now, with my priorities straight, I was bustin out the office and speedin up Plainfield to get in on the action! And there was plenty of it too. The place was packed when I got there 10 minutes after they opened and after spending 5 minutes getting what I went after, and about another 20 minutes picking out what I couldn't live the next 20 years without, I got in line to check out, rrrright! So much for a late lunch HOUR. I was in that line for 45 minutes. All the while gazing around the shop checking to be sure there wasn't anything I was leaving behind senselessly.

Now, you'd be amazed at what people can wedge into a trash bag. It was like clowns in a VW, some of those bags. I just kept nudging my bag a few inches at a time til I finally made it to the check out stand. I actually made it out of the store with all that yarn and 2 hanging baskets to put it in for, drum roll please......$97!!!!

I seem to have been in an autumnal mood. When I got home with my newly acquired stash-for-a-lifetime, it was mostly shades of orange with a bit of green thrown in, except for the fabo 10-pak of purple Berroco ribbon yarn and 6 balls of Berroco Idol in a pink/gold/purple/red kind of color combo. I believe The Saint would look pretty cute in a pair of size 13 orange clogs. I got lots of Plymouth Yukon in a nice shade just short of pumpkin. hee, hee

Ahhh, it was a fun trip but it was also sad to think the shop won't be there anymore. I know it was Rena's favorite since she learned how to knit there. Sorry, Rena! She did ask if she could come shop the "dollar shelves" when she gets ready to start her next know you can!

Hi Amy! Notice my little Coffee Knitter's stash there on the second shelf? Hope you're enjoying the start of your summer. I totally enjoyed the coffee!

Did anyone see Knitty Gritty this week? Amy Finlay from was on. Hey, Amy! Loved your tips for using that Fixation yarn.

The Saint just got home with his cooler-o-crabs (soft-shells for catfish bait) so, gotta go!

Everybody have a great weekend! Thanks for stoppin in, be sure to say hey while you're here!

You know I love the company.


Amy said...

Hey! Loved my coffee too! It's all gone now...sniff...
Great haul. Sorry the LYS closed, though.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been at the sale with you. However, If I bring home any more yarn I just don't have any idea where I would put it. I am already struggling for space for the yarn I have for projects I need to get done. I must knit more!!!!! HaHaHa(evil laugh:) Your Blog is great you are doing an awesome job. Keep it up, you make me smile!

Cass said...

OH.MY.GOSH. a DOLLAR!?! Sweet.

Love your blog!