Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Footies and Fido

Well, I forgot to put the pic of the footie in my last post, so, ta da!

Here we have the cuff and the heel flap...

And over there we have a bit more...

Maybe tomorrow it will be done? Or maybe not! I'm also frogging a pair of slacks I made a couple of weeks ago. [See yellow pants under the shell I posted last week] It sure is easier to sew all that fabric together than it is to take it apart. Even though I measured myself 65 times they were still too big when I got them finished and did I try them on before I put the yoke facing and the zipper in? hmmm?? Of course not...that would have made some sense and could have saved me hours of picking tiny little stitches out of delicate fabric that I can't get any more of. (taking a deep breath) Do you feel me? Aarrrgghhh!!! Lesson learned.

So I'll leave you with this adorable picture of my grand-dog, Buca (boo-ka). Isn't he a pretty boy? He's a Visla, the youngest in the household and is a trained therapy dog. This picture was taken at the local pet expo last year while he was acting as the spokes-dog for Shaggy Pines Dog Park. He lives with my son and DIL and two other dogs, Mina and Sol...I'll dig up some shots of them and get them posted soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Stop and say Hey if you have a sec...you can never have too much company.


ColorJoy LynnH said...

It's an honor to hear you are knitting my footies. I hope you enjoy them. I know lots of folks knit them but don't always see photos.

Funny, I have a friend Alli Bee in England (she plays ukulele, we met her at the Ukulele festival in NYC last April) so at first I thought she was the one linking to me. You can find her at:


(I need to check out City Knits, you are the second one in just a few days mentioning that shop...)

Take care and enjoy all the beautiful weather!

Cass said...

Oh he's BEAUTIFUL!!!

Yes, my dog is also a Vizsla. He's just a big old dork. :) Love that breed! Thanks for your kind comments in my blog. And congrats on your big LYS score!!! Color me jealous!