Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Rena!

Can you believe this little cherub is 27 today?! Yep, Baby Girl is all grown up...

Isn't she beautiful? This picture was taken on her wedding day in September. She is my knitting pal and yarn-buying-enabler-extraordinaire! She invited me to go to the beginning knitting class with her and I'm so glad she did. Thank you, Rena. After the beginners class we did a felted purse class and were off and running. It's a great activity to share and yet another reason to spend time together (not that we needed any reasons).

An now for the knitting stuff...TA DA! Here's my tiny sock, finished. I'm seeing piles of tiny socks laying around the house soon...this was unbelievably fun...

Greetings to the crowd, LOL, that's lurking around my blog...you know who you are but I have to recognize a few.

For Laurie, I'll pass along that the All Season Shell can be found here. You may have to register to get the free pattern but there are a zillion great patterns to be had there so it's worth signing up. They'll even send you a newsletter every couple weeks. And the front-facing labels...that's only the beginning...love your blog btw.

Amy, the Buffy Sing Along looked like great fun! I love the picture of your teenager trying to avoid the camera. Won't it be amazing when he gets over that? It will happen, it just seems like it takes forever. And how's the Beetle these days?

Hey, KnittyMama! I love that market bag, that was super thoughtful of your SP10. Reminds me I have some Lion Cotton for a market bag I should get started on...white cotton...Rena thinks the white may have been a mistake...I told her it was going to be washable and no worries!

For all the rest of you...stop in and say hey! I love company...



ruth said...

Your little sock looks lovely. I've done one (well two if you count the frogged one) and find them too fiddly for me. I think the little sock blocker is just gorgeous too.

Rena said...

Thanks Momma for the bithday wish. Was that a little tomboy girl or what on that hot wheel:)? I am glad that you are my bests friend and mom. I am a lucky gal. Love that sock can't wait to start mine oh so much yarn and so many projects how wonderful life is.

Devine said...

That little sock is adorable!

My mom and I knit together too and it's such a great thing for us to share - not that we need any reasons either. We really bonded during my wedding 8 years ago and now we live within 5 miles of each other. I'm always so happy for people who live near their adult children - isn't it great to get to know your offspring on that level? I hope my boys will do the same, but I fear that that may be something only a mother and daughter can share.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog today and you are right about petting that silk - it is as soft as it looks and is worth every penny (all 155,000 of them)!