Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chairs, Rena's PIF Exchange & Prizes for You

I really miss this chair...

It went to the garage and was replaced by this chair...

that I thought would be more comfy and less confining.

Not So! and I really hate to have to tell The Saint that I've changed my mind, again, and he'll have to switch them around, again... :)

So, Rena is looking for 3 lucky people she can bestow her amazing knitting talents on...I know she would do it up real nice for whoever would go by her blog and volunteer to be gifted.

Leave a comment on her blog and tell her I sent you and I'll send you a little something myself.

Then leave a comment here letting me know that you left a comment and volunteered on her PIF Exchange.

I'll post your names here when I need addresses to send the spiffs.


Rena said...

Pops isn't going to be excited when he has to move chairs again:) If you need some place to store the papesan chair hopefully we will have room in a couple weeks ;) We will see. Thanks for sending people my way!! Love you! Rena

cecily said...

Oh man, I LOVE those papasan chairs. Although I do tend to fall out of them...hrm.

I just commented on Rena's blog. :D

sahara said...

Lord, I forgot about that chair! It's the knitting chair for LIFE, and now I'm gonna go out and get one. I'm also replacing the second couch in the living room with a hammock. Why not?