Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Lonely Weekend...


Every year The Saint goes on a Canadian fishing trip with the Guys. There are 10 of them this year, including our son, Jared. A week of drinkin' and fishin', yee-haw!

It's like a little vacation for me too. I get the remote all to myself. I only have to watch 1 program at a time and it won't be any kind of sports. And if I don't feel like turning on the tv at all *gasp*, I won't! lol

I do miss him, really I do.

How could you not miss such an adorable man as this? Can you tell we were having a relaxing time at the little cabin? It is rather difficult to take self portraits though, lots of running and jumping involved. tee hee

I also look forward to this 1 week of the year when I can get a bunch of things done around here with no interruption and without feeling like I'm neglecting someone.

They left Friday morning early. Saturday morning I hit the ground running (actually not running, there was a little too much wine & cheese Friday night) :-(

Ok, so, about noon I started running and I've managed to clean all the photos off the computer (that was about a 3 hr job with putting all those photos on cd), cleaned a bunch of stuff out of the office/sewing room, painted the window frames in the bedroom and put up new curtain rods, put together an 8 cube unit for my yarn stash and a shoe organizer thingy and read a few chapters of The Friday Night Knitting Club. Phew! And had time to knit with Rena for a couple hours last night and enjoy a yummy dinner at El Burrito Loco our new favorite Mexican restaurant. They have fabulous white cheese & chorizo dip, yay!

Tomorrow, it's back to crunching numbers at work. Drat.

Last night I finished this...

isn't it pretty? Reminds me of those neopolitan coconut candies that I really like but haven't had in a very long time.
It could use a bit of blocking but since it's going to get wet when I wash dishes with it, what's the point?

I cast-on another cloth right away, have to have one going at all times, like always having a book to read in case you get stuck waiting somewhere. It will have the state of Michigan worked into it. Thought I'd send it to Emily as a thank you for doing the Dish Rag Tag. If I can get it done before the box gets to me.

After going through all my stash, that I had stashed in several different places, I have some items I'd like to try. Today I picked up the new issue of Vogue, I really want to try the Debbie Bliss Silver Belle. I can see me looking fabulous in that sweater! A girl can dream...

I have a few rows of the cuff done on the Monkey Sock I'm knitting for the Let's Learn Socks KAL. Not impressive yet but it will be soon I hope.

Well, it's off to bed for me, Max & Sam will want their breakfast at 6am.

Everybody have a great week!


PS: How do you like the new colors on my blog?


Amy said...

Lovely colors, lovely dish rag, lovely Saint. :-)

Nichole said...

Sounds like you have a lovely week to catch up on things! And a great way to start... wine & cheese... yum!

Grace Yaskovic said...

I know what you mean--can't wait for the big guy to leave so I can do my thing and then I miss him so much I don't get much done!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty dishcloth... where did you get the pattern?

Your lurking dishcloth spoiler

Val said...

Yes I like the new colors. Too much wine???? Is there such a thing lol!!!I like your new stash organizer. I can't wait until I get a house so I can get a stash organizer :) Happy productive week but I miss Pops too winston misses him more or his teasing :)

Sarah-Hope said...

Great dishcloth color!

I'm thinking of perhaps trying Silver Belle in gold, but am still considering being a bit more subtle.

Cass said...

Hey your blog looks great! And that's a gorgeous dishcloth- I love those colors together! Too bad your team is gonna LOOOOOOSE!!! ;)