Thursday, September 11, 2008

DRT The Sequel

Thank you Stephanie! The surprises in the box were great!

Last Friday I arrived home from work to find this little box on my dining room table. The Saint had been nice enough to place it in a prominent place so I would find it right away when I got home from work.

I managed to get the box open and see what cool stuff was inside before returning to the dining room to have a bite to eat.

After dinner I plopped down on the sofa in front of the tv and proceeded to work on We Call Them Pirates.

At about 9pm it dawned on my dumb a$$ that I had that box in the other room and should have been knitting on the dish rag instead of the Pirates. Gah!

I got busy and cast on the required # of stitches and did a few rows until the ole carpal tunnel was singin pretty good then I went off to bed. zzzzzzzzzzz

The rooster crowed at 7am so I could be ready when my children arrived for our weekly breakfast at Marie Catrib's. Nommy, nom, nom breakfast is done then it's back home to knit a few rows before heading downtown for the Hispanic Festival to see our grand-daughter dance. Killed a couple or three hours hangin with the fam watchin the Mexican dancing, enjoying the Mexican food and a couple of chilled beverages...then back home and get ready to go to a wedding and reception. I think we got home about 9pm. Knit a few more rows and catch a few more zzz's.

I was up early Sunday morning and got the dish rag finished but it was Sunday so I had to sit tight til Monday morning at 10am when the P O opened so I could get that little box posted and on its way. What a crazy weekend! My leg of the race is complete. Phew, that was crazy! Now it's Maria's turn, good luck to you!

Thanks for stoppin in and checking out my blog, I'll leave you with a photo of The Saint's shirt-o-the-day...

Have a great weekend everybody! I'll be celebrating the big 52 eek!


Bubblesknits said...

Good job on getting your dishcloth done with all that you had going on!! I'm the last leg of our race, so I'm still anxiously waiting. :-)

Purl said...

Happy Birthday!

I am so glad that you told me about DRT--it was lots of fun.

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday!!!

JessaLu said...

Happy Birthday!! :o)) Nice package! ;o)

wildflower38 said...

Great job on the DRT dishcloth! I cannot wait til its my turn :)