Friday, September 19, 2008

knittin' & sewin'

Whoo, it's been a busy vacation here at Chez B.

The sewing started when Rena asked if I could make her a couple of nifty headbands to keep her flowing locks in check while she's sleeping. Here's the result...shh, don't tell, I used an existing item to create my own and didn't even have to take the original apart. I think since I'm not selling them to her it's ok.

Seems I've gone sew crazy with the notions wallets...

When I get all this sewn together I'll have 7 new ones. They're so much fun to make and you can do them assembly-line fashion so they go together pretty quickly once you get all the fabric cut. Hopefully by the time The Saint gets home to take me out for Sushi I'll have them all sewn up and ready to assemble into wallets.

I really love working with the beautiful fabrics that are available now. Very artsy and so vibrant. I'm thinking I'll use the squares I have leftover from these for a new scrappy quilt, hmm, more fun!

I haven't abandoned my knitting though. A few stitches have been done this week too.

Skully is more recognizable now...

I'm lovin this little hat and the entire concept of two-color knitting. My left hand isn't very good with the yarn handling but it is getting better as I practice. I see great possibility for more creative knitting in my future since I am an old x-stitcher and have oodles of graphs that could be adapted to fun knitted objects with pictures.

Sock knitting is also happening here...I got this pair cast on last night and managed a few rows this morning while I was waiting at the Chrysler dealership for "Pete" to get an oil change.

Yarn is Socks That Rock "Knitters Without Borders". It's a black, grey, white, brick combo. I like it so far.

I'm off to sew, everybody have a great weekend.

I'm looking forward to knitting with a friend tomorrow at my fav LYS.

See ya!


Nichole said...

Love Skully!

Cassie said...

Hey there!
LOVE your blog... found you thru Cass ( and I wholeheartedly agree, you should def open an etsy store for your notions wallets (and headbands), or just let me know how I can buy... :D