Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It may be taking over

...I am lovin this blankie and I hope Cameron will too.

A busy week at Chez B and no signs of slowing down.  Sam isn't lovin his allergy shots but we're getting 'em done on schedule. Boomer is back to being Boomer again, I guess I'm too old to remember that I want to change his name, LOL Max is her old lazy self which is good since I would go insane with 3 crazy dogs around here!

Rena brought Winston over for knitting on Saturday and there was quite a competition for her lap.

it's funny how they were in almost the exact same positions last week when she was over knitting too.

The Saint poured his first home brew...and it was good.  On Sunday we did a taste test - The Saint's Brew vs another brand and I thought The Saint's Brew was better.  That other brand had a nasty aftertaste. 

Why is it that they can be so still when they think somebody's fixin some food...
and might just drop some.

We're getting snow and a lot of wind.  I hope all my friends that got dumped on over the weekend are digging out and staying warm.  Looks like we'll be in for a couple of storms in the next week.  The way they talk on the tee vee you'd think they never saw snow before.  This is Michigan - Winter Wonderland - remember?!  geez

Thanks all of you for stopping in and leaving comments.  It's always good to know I'm not just talking to myself here, hehehe.  Have a safe, warm and wonderful week all.


Channon said...

I'm glad to hear you're getting your snow back. I'm rather tired of it, actually. Sissy's loving it though!

Nichole said...

Great pics... esp the 3 butt shot! Cute! :)

Bubblesknits said...

Yay! I still thought of him as Boomer. :-)

Love that last picture. LOL