Friday, November 5, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday 11 5 10

The hand is healing nicely, wanna see?  I didn't think so...still not perfect but getting better every day.  Thank you all so much for asking and sending healing thoughts.

I've been looking forward to this weekend so much since I'll be making a trip to Hickory Corners on Sunday for the ZPDK Gathering.  There will be yarn and fiber and dyeing and spinning, oh, and snacks and drinks along with a great bunch of friends...can't wait to get there!  Andrea from Wonder Why Alpaca Farm will be there spreading her alpaca joy too.  Don't forget to hop over to her blog and check out the folks who participate in Fiber Arts Friday.

I picked up a herd of machines last week so I'll show you those and then we'll top this post off with a look at how much progress has been made on the Black Beret despite my less than fully functional left hand.
So here are the machines...

National Rotary - I love the decals on this one, she'll look really nice once she's all shiney

 Kenmore 158.510 - sturdy, lots of attachments and cams for making fancy stitches
 Domestic Rotary - nothing fancy but could be a work horse in the future, I like it for its simplicity
 Nelco 1603 - 60s era Japanese clone - needs a needle plate but I love all the knobs and stuff on these type machines.  This type machine always makes me think of cars from the same era with all the chrome and knobs.
 Finally got the top to my sewing stool re-upholstered
and my beret so far.  It's getting cabley!  I love this pattern.

If you enjoy great music check out NPRs Tiny Desk Concerts podcast.  There are not enough hours of the day when I run across things like this.

Have a great weekend!


Dutch Hollow said...

I love sewing stools, you can fit so much stuff in them! Also great for extra seating for company :)

Channon said...

So... not being a sewer... what do you do with these machines after you make them all beautiful and funcitonal again? Do you keep them all?

I can't believe you're doing cables with 1.5 hands!

WonderWhyGal said...

I can't wait to see you on Sunday!

Looking forward to a fun MamaClouds Day. Your knitting is great. Even with a healing hand you are better knitter than I. ;-) Don't worry, if I joke about how bad my knitting is then it will actually seem more fantastic when you see it.

atomiclulu said...

Does this Jealously make my butt look big?

What a bunch of great machines! Did you just decide to start collecting buying or stashing them instead of Very jealous! Have a great weekend.

Melissa Plank said...

Love the old sewing machines, they're lucky to have you as a fixer upper!

Knot By Gran'ma said...

Wow! Great finds with the sewing machines. I'm glad you're able to do some work on your beret... looks great so far!

Also thanks for the NPR tip... equally as awesome.

Bubblesknits said...

I have the same question as Chan...what do you do with them once you fix them up? Glad the hand is mending nicely!

AllyB said...

I mostly admire them. I've sold one to a friend. She got a great machine for $75 and I got money to buy a few more machines, LOL It's a pretty slow process to get them cleaned up and running properly as I have some other hobbies that get in the knitting and spinning...I wouldn't care if I never sold any of the rest of what I have. They're all different and useful in different ways.