Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Missing You

Dear Grama,

I really missed you yesterday.  You know I miss you everyday, but you were especially bright in my mind last night.  I was attending a meeting of the Woodland Weavers and Spinners with my friend Paula.  It was their last meeting of the year and they were having a potluck, in a church basement.  There were many nice ladies in attendance some my age and some yours.  A few of them brought pretty things for show n tell.  And the food was delicious.

There were many things about this meeting that made you a little brighter in my mind.  Then I sat down with a dessert of strawberries, whipped cream and Lady Fingers.  With the very first bite your little light grew to a Nova into my mind...that dessert tasted just like your strawberry shortcake.  No one could ever make it exactly like you did Gram.  Thank you for all the great food you fed me and all the crafts you taught me and the great example you showed me with your life.

I wanted you to know that even though you've been gone so many years, you're still with me every day.  Some days you're memory is like a candle light but sometimes like last night you're as bright as the sun. 

Thanks for loving me so much.


Nerdy Knitter said...

awe, tears in my eyes. Love and miss her oh so very much!!!!!!! I was just think about her the other day. All those summer days spent with her make me smile. Always when summer begins those memories flood back :)

SissySees said...

Very sweet... so glad you have your memories to sustain you.

Nichole said...

What a sweet post...... hugs!

Kathryn Ray said...