Friday, June 29, 2012

Fiber Arts Friday 06/29/12

Hello. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

I'd like to begin today's post with a shout-out to my friend Kathryn that's been keeping us updated on the situation with the High Park Fire in Colorado. Thanks for keeping us posted! I'm thinking of you every day Kathryn and hoping that the fire stays away.

Last Saturday we took the boat out for some trolling on Lake Michigan. We watched the sun come up behind us as we motored across Pigeon Lake on our way out.
No fish lost their lives on our lines but it was a beautiful day for bobbing on the waves. We even made a rainbow on our way back in.
It's been HOT here! Close to 100 degrees so we're all staying inside as much as possible. This weekend I plan to totally overhaul my office/craft room and do some purging. I can't decide if I want to just de-stash on Ravelry or list on eBay/Etsy. Anybody got an opinion on which would be a better idea? I've got quite a bit of handspun yarn and as beautiful as it is, I can only knit so fast. I'd rather someone else enjoy it, I think.

Rita's Sample Sock #3 is fiished...

this sock is in the freakishly long category...I knit the entire pattern as written and ended up with a sock that was too long for a woman's size 12 foot, LOL What, me swatch?!
The sock on the top above is mine, woman's size 6. I'm just glad this is for display purposes only. It certainly shows off the yarn nicely doesn't it?

I've finally managed to knit the heel properly on sock #2 and will be churning up the leg in the next few days. Thanks to Rachel at AGS I figured out what I did wrong and got it done.
I'm so proud!

Hope you've all had a great week too. Be sure to go check out all my creative friends on the Wisdom Begins In Wonder blog.
Stay cool everybody!


pinkundine said...

I love the pattern on the sample sock - but my is it long!!! Gorgeous yarn too ::)

Dutch Hollow said...

eBay fees are too much for selling stash. haven't tried Ravelry yet but had good success on Etsy.

I wish our boat was in working order. I miss trolling.

Heather Woollove said...

The bigger the...erm...better?!?! :)
Have a wonderful weekend, despite the heat!! XXO-

Voie de Vie said...

Cute pic of LittleDog! And that sock is hilarous!

I've not sold anything on Ebay or Etsy - I use a different online store. However, one can't go wrong on Ravelry for destash. :)

Let us know if/when you post stuff.

Stay cool.

Vivian said...

Love the sample sock, very nice cables!

For destash I'd definitely try Ravelry first. It's free listing for a very targeted market, it's searchable, and never expires. I sold a few things on eBay when we moved six years ago, the fees are high, limited options, but it's a quick turnaround if you sell.

Nichole said...

Nice pics - esp the rainbow! Love it!

WonderWhyGal said...

oooh, I wish I had a freakishly long foot ;-)

I'd tried Ravelry. I think you'd have much better luck there destashing.

Your view from the boat makes me miss my time fishing with Grumpy back before the kids. Now they take up the boat...

Kathryn Ray said...

Maybe it's just the color on my screen, but that sock reminds me of an alligator... maybe for the long snout. ;-)

Thanks for the shout out! Our fire, the High Park Fire, is 85% contained and they expect to have it fully contained by the end of the weekend. *fingers crossed* It will be much longer before it's out, but containment is a big deal. We've had tiny bits of rain, so lots of hoping for more.

BTW - the Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs, that the one that's been all over the news over the last few days and the one that President Obama surveyed today is about 2 hours south of us.

Kathryn Ray said...

Oh, I forgot... I agree, try Ravelry first.

It's always the first place I go when looking for a specific yarn.

fattoriafiberworks said...

I have really liked seeing the work you do, and your dog is so cute! I would like to pass my Beautiful Blogger Award on to you. For the rules:

Melissa said...

LOL at your freakishly looooong sock. It must have taken a looooong time to knit. It is beautiful.