Sunday, January 20, 2008

the road to recovery

Yay! The Saint is feeling better although it is so bitter cold outside he still can't leave the house and that's makin him a bit cranky. I guess he's going back to work tomorrow. It's been a long week.

I did get the jigsaw puzzle finished.

One of the most difficult puzzles I've ever done. If it wasn't for Rena helping I'd still be swearing under my breath at it, LOL.

And I whipped up this hat for the Knit Michigan, the pattern is the Helping Hat by CanKnitian and it's made of James C Brett Marble. I have this same yarn in the light blue shade that I'll be working on this week during lunch. The hats are being collected and displayed at City Knitting.

It looks better on a model's Lorilee owner of City Knitting...hey Lorilee!

Don't you just love her sweater? She made it with yarn scraps and it's fabulous! She's on Ravelry and I'll bet if you go over there and ask she'll tell you how she made it and while you're there you should ask her about the Lyra Hat kit she's put together too. It's pretty cool and I saw her putting together several kits yesterday while I was in the shop in different colors, oooo pretty...

My EZ ASJ is within a couple hours of finished. I've done the dusting and read the paper so I can sit down and work on it until it's done. Yeah, after I do a bit of surfing to find a Crosby Stills Nash and Young disc...they were doing a retrospective on David Crosby this morning on CBS Sunday Morning and it reminded me how much I like their music. Ah, those were the days...

Thanks everyone for stopping in and wishing The Saint a speedy recovery. Thanks too for your sympathy on my part, hehehe. It's a relief to have him feeling better. This past week has made me focus on how spoiled we are and how much we take for granted our good health and relatively non-dramatic life. I want to send some special good vibes to Nichole for her Mom and her good friend's Dad. Who are battling illness. Also to The Fairy GodKnitter who amazes me daily with her determination and positive attitude in the face of adversity. And a super special wish for a safe and injury free week for Cass, lol.

Have a great week. I'll check back in when the ASJ is finished. I'm hoping you'll see me again yet today.


clarabelle said...

Phew, well done with the jigsaw - with that reflection as well! You know, I think I still have some old vinyl Crosby, S, N & Y somewhere... memories!

Isn't that Lyra hat great? When I saw the film recently, I also really liked a bulky knit coat that Lyra was wearing.

Glad to hear that his Lordship is recovering!

Purl said...

So glad to hear the quarantine has been lifted! And impressive jigsaw puzzle.

wildflower38 said...

You have patience. That puzzle has way too much brown for me.