Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Conspicuous Consumption

One last look at the tree before disassembly...

Am I spoiled?

Every year when Christmas has passed and the tree is out in the back yard serving it's next life as a bird haven for the winter I assess the holiday bounty.

As in past years The Saint went totally overboard in my opinion with the gift giving. This whole issue makes me crazy. I have so much and yet he insists on adding to it every year. Don't get me wrong here, I do enjoy the gifts and no one else goes without in the family as a result of his giving to me, but I still think it is too much.

Here's the list this year:

Canon camera
Zen mp3 player
diamond earrings
Amy Butler knitting bag

Maybe if I weigh these gifts against the loads of laundry washed, dried and folded, sinks full of dishes washed, toilets scrubbed and toe nails trimmed, yes, I trim his toe nails *shrugs a shoulder* that I aka Gretchen rack up during the year it equals out. Doesn't it?

I try to be a good wife, mother, step-mother and grandmother to all. I know I have my days just like anyone else but I put a lot of effort into having a positive attitude in general. Guess it's paying off. I am thankful every day for the loving and caring family I find myself surrounded by. Love you all! Thank you for loving me back in a big way!

I remember many years in my previous life that I prayed for strength to get through to a better place. I promised that if I didn't have to be afraid everyday and hold my breath waiting for the next disaster that I would be a better person. I stand before you as hopefully the better person I promised to be. Thanks to everybody that stuck by and helped me to get there. I think that blogging has made me more acutely aware of myself and more willing to assess my mental "place". Nothing like a little additional accountability, eh?

Today, after The Saint took the tree out, I was trying to figure out why the vacuum didn't work worth a crap anymore...opened it up to check the bag - which was full - took that out and found a filter inside the cleaner that I don't believe I've cleaned since I've had it which is probably two or three or 6 years, lol...keeping in mind that we have 2, sometimes 3 dogs here that made for a lot of crap caked on that little filter. ewww

I scraped off the bulk of the dirt then washed the filter out and voila! the cleaner works like new again. Who knew?! Maybe I should get out the instructions for that thing and read through them again to see what else I've missed in the routine maintenance of a vacuum cleaner...nah, we're good for now...we don't need no stinking instructions! hahaha

Tomorrow I'll be heading over to the "Y" for my first official exercise of the new year. I think I'll start with a tour and a good walk on the track. I need some exercise so bad! Winter just isn't conducive to outdoor fitness activities. Since I quit walking everyday I've noticed the pants are getting a wee bit snug, lol. Or maybe it's the cookies and chocolate candies that are everywhere this time of year. Out damn goodies! I'm back to my good eating habits starting tomorrow! Anyone want to join me? I believe that if I work now to get that extra 5 off it won't be as big a deal as getting 44 off was.

Our friend Ronnie was taken off the ventilator on a few days ago and was able to breath on his own. They moved him out of intensive care, where he had been for 9 weeks, and into a regular room. We got word yesterday that they may be sending him home today but haven't gotten an update on that yet. Thanks for all your good thoughts on his behalf.

Here is the obligatory knitting content...

I am actually making progress, maybe by next weekend I'll be on the last leg of this project.
So, I'm off to work on the ASJ and/or my puzzle for a bit. This is how I have to work a puzzle in the office/sewing room...space is limited in here, lol. Hope nobody wants any fresh-baked cookies, hahaha!

Have a great day. See ya!


Nichole said...

Great news about Ronnie!
Those earrings are gorgeous! You deserve all those lavish gifts... just smile & say "thank you." lol
No baking the puzzle now...

Grace Yaskovic said...

Another great post Ally, I like your positive approach and I try to live it everyday, the world does not need to know about my pain or problems, I just give the world a smile and deal the best I can, and its nice to see that attitude has worked so well for you!!

JenW!~ said...

Pretty tree. I can have a real one due to allergies. I just got a new vaccuum for christmas so now I will have to remember to take care of the filter now. Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by my blog.

cecily said...

I like the way you do puzzles! ;)

Purl said...

Thanks for the kind greeting! Happy New Year! And I LOVE your new Amy Butler bag.

clarabelle said...

Happy 2008 to you, Ally!

Great reflections and glad that you feel that you've finally 'found' yourself. Obviously The Saint appreciates you very much, and wants to express how he feels! Lucky girl - bring it on!